October 27

Getting Crafty with the Pet Holiday Experience


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When it comes to the holidays, what better way is there to decorate than with fun little homages to your furry friends? From pet-themed decor to holiday-themed treats for your loves, check out these sweet, spirited, and delightfully simple ways to celebrate the holidays and spoil your pets.

Treat pouch Christmas tree ornaments

  1. Simply take brightly colored felt, templates for holiday shapes, needle and thread (try a contrasting thread color!), ribbon for hanging, and your pet’s favorite treats.
  2. Choose the shape you want and trace two identical shapes in the felt.
  3. Cut out shapes and sew them almost together — just leave enough room to insert treats in the pouch.
  4. Create a small hole in the felt and cut ribbon the length of a loop you’ll be able to hang on a tree branch.
  5. Thread ribbon through the hole and tie at the top of the loop.
  6. Stuff treats through the opening left after sewing.
  7. Sew the ornament the rest of the way closed and hang on the tree to give to your pet on Christmas morning.

Pet photo Christmas ornaments


  1. Grab large clear bulb ornaments, photos of your pet, and festive confetti.
  2. Unscrew the closure, fill bulbs with the confetti, place photos inside, and re-screw the top closure.


Paw wrapping paper


  1. Take plain white or brown wrapping paper and washable non-toxic paints.
  2. Prepare a large area by laying down newspaper.
  3. Lay a large piece of wrapping paper over the newspaper.
  4. Dip your pet’s paw in the paint. You can either encourage them to walk all over the paper for a loose design, or gently stamp their paw wherever you’d like on the paper. Alternatively, you can wrap your presents first, then have your pet help you paw paint all over the paper.
  5. Immediately wash your pet’s paws.
  6. Let paper dry.

Festive holiday bow tie collar

  1. Get two pieces of Velcro, a strip of fabric 2 x 5 inches for the middle of the bow tie, strip of fabric 4 x 9 inches for the bow itself (we highly recommend contrasting colors here for an extra pop of holiday fun), and a ribbon cut to fit comfortably around your pooch’s neck.
  2. Fold the bow fabric into a rectangle, then grab the middle fabric and tie in the center of the bow fabric.
  3. Now that you’ve formed a bow, use the Velcro to attach it to the ribbon.
  4. Tie around your pup or kitty’s neck and let the obsessive photo taking begin.

Of course, when it comes to any of these DIY options, use your creative license! You certainly don’t need to follow the steps exactly if you have spinoff ideas or want to elaborate. We know very well that when it comes to your darling furry friends, they can be your greatest inspiration. So enjoy the holidays and enjoy your sweet inspirations even more!

Written by Casey Dickson, Rover.com community member. Rover is the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.



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