November 30

How to have a low stress Christmas


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No matter what you have planned for Christmas, there is always some type of stress that goes with it. Whether it is that you haven't finished Christmas shopping yet, or stressful situations with the family, there are ways to help you deal with that stress.

Take time for yourselfDuring the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is important that you slow down and take a little time to take care of yourself. You can take a warm bath to relax, go for a walk by yourself just to clear your head or sit down and read a good book. Whatever it is that makes you feel better; just take the time to do it.

Get plenty of restSome of the reasons we get stressed is because the body isn't getting enough rest. Lack of sleep keeps the body and mind from rejuvenating and that puts more stress on you and on your body. When you feel more stressed it makes those around you and situations seem more stressful than they actually are. Get into a routine even during the holidays to keep you rested.

Spend time with familyEnjoy the time with your family, particularly if they are from out of the town and you don't get to see them much. Christmas is about family and spending time with them should be relaxing. Make it a point to put any differences aside, if just for the holidays, and enjoy the time you have been given to visit with them.

Connect or reconnect with your spiritual selfGetting and keeping in touch with your spiritual self is extremely important in maintaining balance in your life (even when it isn't the holidays). No matter what your religion or how it is that you practice spirituality, make sure you try to do that every single day so that you don't find yourself unable to cope with the upcoming holidays.

Make a ListJust like Santa you sometimes need little reminders to make sure you get everything done that you need to. Once you make the list and begin to mark things off of it daily, you'll begin to relax as you see an end in sight to all that you have to do. Keep in mind, everyone is more stressed during the Christmas holidays, so making a list will help cut down on your stress level.

DelegateIf there is something else that another person in family can get done for you while they are out and about. It isn't always easy to ask for help, but you do not have super powers and everything cannot be done by one person. No matter who you are.

Learn to say noSometimes you have to say no. We all have our limits and there are some things we simply cannot do and some things that we aren't able to do. Make sure to set your priorities and stick to them.

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