August 16

Immortality Virus {Book Review}


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Immortality Virus

In the mid-21st century, the human race stopped aging. Those who know why aren't talking, and the few who are brave enough to ask questions tend to disappear. To an elite few, The Change means long life and health, but to the increasing masses, it means starvation, desperation, and violence.

Four centuries after The Change, Grace Harper, a blacklisted P.I., sets off on a mission to find the man responsible for it all and solicit his help to undo The Change – if he's still alive. To complicate matters, Grace's employer is suspected of murdering his father, and when the police learn of their connection, they give her a choice – help them find the evidence they need to convict Matthew Stanton, or die. But if they discover Grace's true mission, they won't hesitate to kill her in order to protect their shot at immortality.

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My Thoughts – I'm such a book cover lover that this book sat on my table for entirely too long. The cover is horrid, there I said it… but the book was good, really good actually.

What would it be like to live forever? Well it doesn't sound too good for me.  People eat weird processed ‘bars”, many sleep in the streets, and others move out to the country to become slaves on farms.

This book was addictive. Grace, a blacklisted P.I. is contracted by one of the richest men around to find out why people quit aging. This story had a lot of unexpected elements that wouldn't let me put it down.

Immortality Virus really had me thinking. Everyone wants to live forever right? We seem to forget death is a natural process.  I highly recommend. With the action, love interest, and depth I'd have to say that this is a must read.

The book is available in both paperback and kindle versions HERE


Disclaimer – I received this book for my honest opinion, no other compensation was received.


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