May 20

Letting my Kids be #FreeToBe


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When I decided to have kids I knew that I wanted them to be able to express themselves.
I wanted to create an environment where they could grow to their full potential and truly be who they were intended to be.
But we have a couple of rules in our house.
Be as silly as you want.
And Be an original!
(This is what she wanted instead of a birthday cake!)
As a mom I do everything I can make their fun carefree life possible so the last thing they need to do is worry about their allergies. We use  all free clear laundry detergent, it leaves our clothes fresh and the girls don't have their little bumps or itchy. It is one less thing for us to worry about and it allows them to remain carefree.
all free clear is the #1 recommended detergent brand by Dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for sensitive skin. It's tough on stains yet gentle enough for the whole family. Plus, it's safe for use in standard and HE machines. It rinses clean and has a gentle, hypoallergenic formula. Powerful Clean. Gentle on Skin.
all free clear is also 100% hypoallergenic.

NEW From the #1 Detergent Brand Recommended by Dermatologists Allergists and Pediatricians comes all® free clear liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets. Use together to make fabrics cleaner, softer, and more comfortable against your family’s sensitive skin. 100% free of dyes and perfumes. Gentle on skin. Safe for all washing machines. Find it in your fabric conditioner aisle!

Other detergents don’t measure up to all free clear

all® free clear detergent (liquid and mighty pacs), fabric softener and dryer sheets have received the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance™ and products with the NEA Seal of Acceptance™ are those that avoid certain chemicals, dyes, perfumes and residues that are known to be unsuitable for use by persons with eczema or a sensitive skin condition.  Perfect for my girls!

Like all free clear detergent on facebook! for more information about their products and to learn about the upcoming sweepstakes #withmyblanket!



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  1. that is cute she wanted a lobster! and I enjoyed being able to be care free and not overstructured as a kid! I’d like to try this detergent!

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