June 9

Lit-Cube Junior reader/book subscription box for kids!


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a wonderful subscription box business was born to fill the gaping need in the hearts of book geeks everywhere. Thanks to awesome Kickstarter supporters (like you) the business ( www.Lit-Cube.com ) was a smashing success. However, a cry rose up all over the world… a cry from the anguished hearts of bookworm parents everywhere.

“What about the children?” they cried.

We heard their cry. We, as hopeless book-lovin' parents ourselves, heard their cry and we rose to the challenge.

“We will NOT let the children go without the sustenance their little minds, hearts, and imaginations need,” we vowed. “We will NOT sit idly by and watch them wither away in front of our eyes. We will nourish these little readers and by doing so, we will silence that pitiful cry from the parents echoing throughout the world.”

Thus, LIT-CUBE JR. was born.

A subscription box for the young readers in your life. Geared toward 8-12 year old readers, these gender neutral boxes will delight, entertain, and help nurture the love of reading in children. What would be more amazing than having your children geeking out over a subscription box filled with BOOKS and READING products *just* for them each month? Not much, dear friend. Not much.


Lit-Cube Jr. is not really a box.

But it will come beautifully packaged in a bubble mailer. We decided to go this route to save money so we could pass those savings on to parents! 🙂

Lit-Cube Jr. is perfect for middle grade readers!

No cuts no butts no coconuts. Lit-Cube Junior will be great for readers aged 7-13, or those who enjoy chapter books, independent readers, and middle grade novels. The books we feature will *always* be age appropriate.

But what's inside????

Below you will find a sample of what could be included in your Lit-Cube Junior package. As a matter of fact, it might just BE the first Lit-Cube package. We haven't quite decided yet. We've partnered up with some FABULOUS publishers to bring you the best of the best in middle grade reads and products.


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