August 16

Make Your Own Guacamole Recipe


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Simplest and Most Delicious Guacamole Recipe
If you’ve ever looked at the label of store-bought guacamole, you’ll see all kinds of ingredients that you just really don’t need.

And if you see any ingredients you can’t actually pronounce or know what they mean, run the other way.

Making your own fresh guacamole is simple and only requires 2 ingredients:

1 fresh avocado and a tablespoon or two of salsa.


1.Use a small sharp knife to cut into the skin of the guacamole. Make a few cuts across the skin so that it makes it easier to peel the skin off. Peel the skin off completely.

2.When that’s done, carefully cut around the pit. The pit is actually quite soft on the outside, so it’s easy to slice through and end up with pieces of pit in your guacamole. Just make sure to remove any bits of pit before proceeding.

3.Now all you need to do is mash the avocado. If your avocado isn’t quite soft enough, you can use a hand blender, but a fully ripe avocado is best. Add a couple tablespoons of salsa, just for a tiny bit of flavor and to make the end result creamier.

4.Of course, to make things more natural, you can even make your own salsa. All it takes is a few simple ingredients like peppers, tomato, onions and cilantro.


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  1. I love how simple this is! I hate it when I pick out a great sounding recipe and it takes 237 ingredients! This is perfect, thanks!

  2. Because the Make Your Own Guacamole Recipe looks as delicious as it does, I can’t wait to try this special recipe out. I only hope I will be able do as good as you did in the heartwarming photo.

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