August 15

My Favorite Travel Gadget


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I travel a lot. We go to Disney, to the beach, I'm getting ready to hit up three book conventions between September and October, and we are having a Dollywood Christmas in December.  Starting in September I will feel like I'm living out of my suitcase but it is a lot of fun. I do however like to read my books and watch my shows.

If you are a regular follower you know how much I adore my Amazon Kindle Fire. I often post cheap and free ebooks on here! The Amazon Fire Kindle has become the perfect travel gadget for me, I always make sure I have it. When I'm chilling in the hotel room, by the pool, or at the beach I like to read. If I brought paperbacks to read they would weigh me down, frankly I just wouldn't have enough room. Not the way I read! I also love that it has up to 7 hours of mixed use battery life, Fire gives you the flexibility to go wherever your travels take you.


A trip is also the perfect time to catch up on my favorite movies or t.v. shows. I use our Kindle Fire tablets for this. If you are an Amazon Prime member, On Deck automatically downloads Prime Video and the first episodes of Amazon Original Series while your device isn’t in use, ensuring that there is always something new to enjoy instantly, even when offline. If you aren't a Prime member, On Deck automatically downloads the first episode of Amazon Original Series.

Sometimes when I'm in the hotel bed at night I play games on my Kindle Fire tablet. I have access to a great selection of premium apps and games, plus in-app purchases that are 100% free (a $20,000 value). I love Space Match!

Blue Shade is one of my favorite features. It automatically adjusts the backlight of your device screen to remove blue light for a more comfortable nighttime reading experience, perfect for late night road trips or jetlag in your hotel room. Simply tap Blue Shade on the quick actions menu to turn on this feature and enjoy your favorite book, news article, app, or any other nighttime activity without straining your eyes. I always use this at night no matter if I'm in a hotel or in my own bed.

Kindle Fires are extremely affordable. They start at $49.99 and you can get kindle covers for a little extra support. I like them because I go to the beach a lot and it helps prevent scratches.

Do you have an Amazon Kindle Fire? What is your favorite app or game?


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  1. I use blue shade a lot too. especially when in bed at nights when I can’t sleep, as you I read the most watch prime tv sometimes. I love my sudoku game and hulu app.

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