December 1

Online Business – Create Your Own Video Website – With Uscreen Video Platform?


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Sponsored – all opinions are my own.

I've been working for myself for a long time. I honestly don't think I could work for anyone else at this point. I really like the freedom of doing my own thing and I'm always looking for more opportunities to work from home for myself or to pass on to others. I came across the Uscreen Video platform which is pretty dang awesome.

Imagine having your own video service, it is something like Netflix! Uscreen powers over 1000 customers who have set up subscription/membership sites. I also own and could see using Uscreen video platform for exercise videos. This would be a residual income for me once it is set up and then I'd just add more videos when I had time.

My mind is churning with all of the possibilities!  Sell Videos Online

 Here are some of the most popular customers of Uscreen – – Generates over $50,000 a month in video sales using Uscreen teaching anyone how to do magic online. – Generates $35,000/month in sales using Uscreen to teach anyone how to swim. – In less than 6 months has over 3,000 subscribers.  Tmilly is a Youtuber who came over to Uscreen to monetize content. – Generates over 100K selling dog training videos online.

What are YOU passionate about? Can you see yourself starting a business like this?

Most popular Features of Uscreen

  • Fully White Label (Your brand everywhere)
  • Easy to use, yet powerful
  • Lots of customization & flexibility in setting up your own look & feel
  • In-depth analytics
  • Upload Videos & Other Assets
  • Fully Branded Native Apps & OTT Apps
  • Built-in billing & subscription engine
  • Marketing & Community Tools

Their pricing is very affordable too! Packages start at $99/month. Check it out here

How to make money on Youtube using Uscreen

FAQs about Uscreen –

  • Does Uscreen take a commission or revenue share? No, Uscreen charges a simple platform fee
  • Is Uscreen easy to setup? Yes very much, and we have great support & documentation
  • Does Uscreen provide 24/7 Support? Yes we have 24/7 support and they are quick to respond.
  • Can I also add documents & pictures to my videos & programs? Yes easily using the uploader.

Have you thought about what kind of video streaming service you'd start?


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