September 27

Publish or not publish


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    Before I started doing reviews and giveaways on my blog, I found myself thinking about one thing that all bloggers think about when their blog is public: Will I publish my children's name?
I had already been blogging for a couple of years but didn't have much of a following. I was never worried about other people stealing anything from me because everything I wrote was personal. It was something that I thought about and it was about my family so who would want to steal that. But once I got serious about blogging, I worried about how I would come across to other people. I also worried about the safety of my children. If I were to get way beyond the reach I could ever expect, would the pictures and their names be ok?
Then, something happened. While thinking about all my pictures being out there, I searched myself through google. What I found made me write this post. I had seriously thought about going through every single post and removing my children's names from the blog. Maybe even coming up with some cute pet name for them and deleting every picture that wasn't water-marked. But I let myself calm down and thought about it long and hard before coming to the decision that I made.
I decided that they only things I wouldn't mention were my last name and where we lived. I feel that every blogger deserves their own privacy, right? So for me, you can see our faces and know our names but from there on, there isn't much else you need to know. I'm sure if you searched hard enough, you could find me.
Whether or not your publish your child's name or pictures is your decision. Just think about what your want and follow your gut. You can never be wrong about something you chose to do. Its your blog and your life. Protect it the way you see fit.

Ashley is a busy mom of two boys and a resident contributor for Taking Time for Mommy – Online Magazine for Mom. She is also the owner of and the little ones too. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. Great post! I struggled with this same issue, and ended up using their names, but in the end I think it is a personal choice. I think that using names builds a sort of personal connection with a reader rather than using a nickname, and I noticed that the blogs that I liked all used the kids names. For me it was the right decision, for others it might not be.
    Jennifer recently posted..Living in the Literal WorldMy Profile

  2. I can’t really think of a reason not to use your name or your children’s names. Yes, there are crazy stalkers and people engaged in identity theft but I don’t know that your risk having your name on the Internet is any more than on the sign-in sheet at the preschool.

    Perhaps there are incidents of which I’m not aware? Even so, I think the risk would be very, very, very low.
    Julia recently posted..I’m doing my own novel writing monthMy Profile

  3. I’ve worried about the same thing with my granddaughters. But their last name is different from mine and they live in a different city, so I feel a bit safer. Someone would have to specifically be really targeting them to find them. Anyway, I think this all part of the bigger issue of privacy on the Internet.

    How do we protect ourselves and our children? It’s a question that everyone should think about. I have also considered nicknames and as they are approaching school-age will probably only use nicknames for them.

  4. I am a mom and a blogger too! I have been blogging everyday now for 38 days now! I totally have been thinking the same thoughts. My number one priority will always be the safety of my family! But I am an open book! I always have been! And one thing on my blog is I want it to be real, honest, friendly, and just to be me. I think it’s the best way for my readers to connect with me if they know my name, see pictures of me, and pictures of my family. I wont give my address or anything, or take pictures of the outside of my house. I think bloggers can put little or a lot of personal info on their blogs, but no matter what if someone wants to harm you they will do it no matter what!

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