September 21

Soda Stream Review


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I discovered Soda Stream while creating a wedding regsitry last year, and I was super excited when I was offered a unit for review.  The box happened to arrive on my birthday and we could not wait to open it and get started.   Soda Stream was very generous and sent so many incredible flavors we had to randomly draw to see which one we made first.  I was concerned that the machine would be difficult to put together, but it was actually super easy and my 1o year old was able to put most of it together herself.  While my daugher and husband assumbled the unit I was reading more about the ingerdients and benefits of Soda Strea soda.

We spend alot of mone on soda every month as my husband is a “pop” addict.  I realize how much money we spend on those cans every month, and the thought that I could turn my sink water into soda is very attractive.   I was hoping the soda would taste enough like the name brand soda he buys that we could start making ours at home.  This would cut down on monthly spending, and have less environmental impact as well.

The luck of the draw determined we would make the Diet Lemon Lime, which is supposed to be comparable to Diet Sprite.  The process was fun to watch as we pumped the carbonation into the bottle.  We like very carbonated soda, which is why we buy cans.  You can select how carbonated you want the soda but the number of pumps you add.  It was a quick process and when we poured it in to the glass it was amazing to see that our sink water was suddenly transformed into a bubbling soda.  But would it taste good? My daughter was the first to try and she squealed, “it tastes like Sprite!”  I tried next and agreed.  My husband would have the final say, and he also was impressed.  I was happy to see that the diet soda contained Splenda instead of the usual Aspartame that you find in the store bought version.

The unused soda was stored in the refrigerator untilthe next day.  I was wondering how well the carbonation would hold.  We always buy cans because we cannot stand how flat soda becomes when stored in an open plastic bottle.  We were pleasantly surprised how well it stayed carbonated.   Soda stream bottles are high-pressure resistant and are BPA free!!  They can be reused for up to 2 years.

We continued to make fresh soda for the next several days trying many of the different flavors.  The Dr. Pete tastes surprisingly like Dr. Pepper, but with less sugar and calories.  We also enjoyed the Cola Free which passed the taste test of my Coke Zero loving husband.  He was excited that we could now make it at home instead of hunting down sales and storing multiple packs in our pantry.   There is also the benefit of less recycling to lug out every week.

Our next adventure with the Soda Stream will be crafting our own colas.  We think it will be fun to add some of the cranberry-raspberry to the cola flavor.  Perhaps a diet balck currant-pear?  So much family fun to be had with this machine as well.

Soda Stream and Takingtimeformommy are teaming up to offer one lucky reader a chance to own a Soda Stream of their own.  Open to U.S. residents only. Enter HERE

I received a product for my honest opinion and no other compensation was given.


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  1. I was just telling my daughter about this product. We are not big soda drinkers, but now we do like carbonated drinks without sugar, so this would be great for us. It looks fun to use and also fun to try new flavors.

  2. i always hear how bad soda is for u, but i,think they mean regular with sugar. I will drink a diet coca cola from time to,time. otherwise i only drink water. i know it costs around $100, or under and is definetely a good buy for those that drink soda like water. I like that it keeps it carbonation and that it is made from splenda.

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