August 6

Wood Tree swing Event


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Welcome to the Wood Tree Swing Giveaway event.  Thank you to for sponsoring this awesome giveaway.  Praises of a wife and mommy and several other bloggers are teaming up to bring you this awesome giveaway!  All opinions are 100% mine, Praises of a Wife and Mommy.

Summer is not over yet there is still plenty of time to enjoy swinging!
Wood Tree Swings was created by a retiree who is looking to supplement his income.  He spent 40 years in the construction field and now spends free time hand crafting really awesome swings.  He uses the finest materials and creates wonderful swings that will create many memories for you and your kids.  Some of his swings include:  Adult Tree Swing, Toddler Horse Swing, Wood Tree Swing, Disc Swing, and even a Recycled Tire Swing.
Wood Tree Swings also can personalize your swing with their new wood carver!  What a nice present for your children to get a swing with their name written on it.
If you do not have a tree like me then the porch works just as great!  My husband installed the swing in only a few minutes and my kids both were enjoying it.  My son did not know what to think and my daughter was jealous of my son.  We have the toddler swing but my 4 year old fits in it!!  Good thing she fits because she was getting a little jealous.The package arrived in a big box that had an extra box inside for protection.  As soon as I took the swing out of the box my son was curious and sitting in it before we even had it installed.  Once it was installed he was a bit fearful which is normal at the parks too.  It usually takes him a few minutes to warm up and then he loves it.  In this case he went in came out and then watched his sister have fun and then took another turn where he was a happy camper.  🙂 I like that we installed it on our porch it just looks beautiful and if we wanted to match the house we could easily paint it.Time to enter the giveaway through the easy rafflecopter form below.

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  1. I dig the toddler horse swing and the double premier swing. Its cool that they use wood and rope instead of plastic. I’m so sick of everything being plastic all the time…

  2. The wood tree swing is a trip back thru memory lane. My father was a carpenter and he made a tree swing for me. I loved it and can still picture myself swinging in it. I would love for my new great grandson to experience this.

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