March 7

You Can Get Organic Meat!


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I don't eat a ton of meat but when I do it has to be GOOD meat. I like organic meat. What I put into my body is important to me. The problem was finding it. Many times grocers call something Natural but it doesn't mean it's ORGANIC! Big difference!

Organic is …

  • Humanely Raised on Sustainable U.S. Farms and Ranches
  • Never-Ever Given Antibiotics
  • Never-Ever Given Any Added Hormones
  • Fed All Vegetarian Feeds

Organic is a little more expensive but 100% worth it to me.  There aren't any fresh butchers where I live and in the next town they don't have anything organic. I thought I was going to have to buy sub par meat from the grocery store.

I decided to look online. I buy everything else online from coffee to beauty supplies so why not meat? Guess what, they DO sell organic meat online and ship it to you FRESH!

We like to buy in bulk then cut it up per meal and freeze what we aren't going to use immediately. So we now get our organic meat in bulk too. It was so much easier than trying to track someone down to buy an organic whole or half of a cow and buying all of that is way too expensive. I like buying smaller amounts and this is shipped directly to my house!!

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was
compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own and we do REALLY eat organic meat and buy it online.


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  1. Even more relevant now in the wake of the slime debate. If I could afford it I would buy organic meat as well. We have some great places here in town that sell organic meat. It is very important what we put in our body. I am getting mentally ready to try and drastically decrease the amount of sugar I eat.

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