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Learn How to Boost Your Holiday Budget with Coupons


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How to Boost Your Holiday Budget with CouponsHow to Boost Your Holiday Budget with Coupons

Does the thought of holiday shopping have you seeing dollar signs? Learn How to Boost Your Holiday Budget with Coupons! I love to buy gifts for teachers, friends, and we have a large family. If your gift list continues to grow, like mine, you might be feeling the burn to your budget and wonder if there is anyway out. 

Well the good news is, you can clip your way to additional holiday savings when you turn to the help of coupons. Look below at some helpful tips on how to boost your holiday budget with coupons, and see how easy it can be to get more while spending less.

1. Consider health and beauty gifts.

Do you know a teenager who loves make up, manicures, and face masks? Check the Sunday circulars or print online coupons for name brand make up, face cleansers, nail polish and more. These coupons are typically high in value and can help you put a nice collection together for less than retail! Body scrubs, lotions, and bath products can often be purchased for less with coupons as well, so be sure to check out weekly deals and match coupons with sales for the best bargains. Many times I even get freebies or low priced items that are great for a basket!

2. Give food gifts or assemble food themed gift baskets.

Food coupons are probably one of the easiest coupons to come by. If you know someone who loves to cook, use food coupons on nuts, snacks, cookies, flavored waters, and more. You can put together a nice snack basket, which any foodie is sure to appreciate. Another great tip is to collect samples all year long to add to stockings and baskets.

How to Boost Your Holiday Budget with Coupons with food gifts3. Give the gift of clean laundry!

College kids can always use household cleaners, toiletries, and above all, laundry detergent! Check Sunday circulars or download digital coupons for laundry soaps and detergents, fabric softeners and scent boosters. Gather these items in an inexpensive laundry basket and they are sure to put it to good use. Many times you can get these items for free at Walgreens and CVS. Don't forget to save the laundry samples to stick in the baskets!

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4. Buy clothes for less with online coupon codes.

Whether you know a child or adult who could use some new clothing items, you should never hit that checkout button before looking for coupon codes. When shopping online, many retailers allow you to enter coupon codes at the checkout to save a certain percentage off your purchase. Head to where you can search for coupon codes to Old Navy, Kohl’s, and many more! This is an easy way to save at checkout with coupons and minimal effort. I also love Swagbucks for their coupon codes, sales, and earning points from things I buy anyway!

5. Check those receipts for additional savings..

When you shop at drugstores such as CVS, Dollar General, and Walgreens, be sure to check your receipt after your purchase. Many of these stores will print out coupons on the receipt which you can use on your next purchase. Some of these coupons are item specific, but many are for a certain dollar amount off your entire purchase which is always nice. Use these coupons on your next visit paired with sale items and you can really score more for less.

6. Shop with loyalty cards when purchasing gift cards.

If you need to purchase gift cards, buy them from a grocer that offers loyalty card points. This way, you can accumulate points on your purchase which can be used to get fuel discounts. With all of the holiday shopping you will be doing, you will appreciate the discount on gas!

7. Don’t forget to get on those mailing lists.

Go to the websites of your favorite retailers and sign up for their email lists. Chances are you will receive a welcome email along with a coupon to use on your next purchase. Make a list of the retailers you will be visiting this holiday season, and make the effort to sign up at each website. You never know what kind of savings you will get.

Are you ready to really save money this holiday season? Consider these tips on how to boost your holiday budget with coupons. You will see that coupons are just as good as cash when it comes to holiday shopping, and can make all the difference in your bottom line!


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