May 27

5 Tips to being safe while using a chainsaw


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5 Tips for being safe while using a chainsaw

A chainsaw might seem like an intimidating tool, but when you know how to use it, you don't to be afraid. It's a very powerful tool that has many uses and you just need to do your research so that you can use it to its maximum potential.

Check out the tips below if you are planning to use a chainsaw in the near future.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the instruction manual – never attempt to use a chainsaw until you've thoroughly read the instruction manual that comes with it. Don't look at the chainsaw as one of the usual tools that you'll have lying around the house, it's very dangerous, make no mistake. Each chainsaw may have different instructions on how to lubricate the saw, how to start the saw and even how to mount the guide bar and the chain. There may also be some additional features for some types of chainsaws depending on who the manufacturer is, so it's necessary to read the manual first before making any attempt to use it.


  1. Get instruction from someone who knows how to use it – if you have never handled a chainsaw before, reading the manual may not be enough. If you know someone who uses a chainsaw regularly, better ask them for instructions on how to use it. Have them demonstrate it for you instead of you just having to read how to operate the tool from a manual. If you have the means, you may even take a class. There are retailers who offer classes and even one-on-one tutorials on how to properly use a chainsaw when you buy from them. Don't let such opportunities pass you by and take advantage of them.


  1. Wear the appropriate clothing – always wear a hard hat when using the chainsaw. Another thing you must never forget is googles. They are your protection against all the wood chips and splinters that may come flying at you while you are cutting down a tree, etc. Hard toe shoes, ear protectors are also necessary. One of the most important safety gear you need to have is chainsaw gloves. They need to have abrasion and cut resistance, and you want something that has a proper grip. Lastly, even though chainsaw gloves are protective gear, you still want to make sure that they will be comfortable and will fit you perfectly.


  1. Always keep a firm grip and solid footing – a key factor in being safe while using a saw is having the proper stance. You need to have a good balance and keep your hand firmly on the front handle not only for added protection but also to maximize performance.


  1. Be aware of your environment when using the chainsaw – it's common sense to never run around a place with a chainsaw, but even if you are just walking, you need to be constantly aware of your surrounding. Watch out not only for obstacles that can trip you but also for branches that can swing back and hit you.



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