January 19

7 Easy Ways to Speedy Recovery from Working Out


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Have you recently started a workout routine to realize that it hurts? I've been working out for quite a while and some days…like today I am in pain but don't worry, there are things you can do to help ease the pain so you can get back to working out and reaching your goals.

FYI I'm down over 20lbs, 4 sizes, and I'm gaining muscle! If I can do this then so can you.

    1. Eat enough protein. Beans, peanut-butter, steak.. whatever works for you. If you eat it right before bed it helps repair your muscles overnight. Eat it in the morning to start your day out right and reduce cravings throughout the day. I also suggest eating a little right before your workout. It helps your muscles grow throughout the workout. Ladies, you will NOT have big bulging muscles but muscles growth incinerates fat so yeah, work those muscles.
    2. Make a foam roller your new best friend. It rolls out knots you may get from working out.I got my foam roller from Amazon and I can't imagine post workouts without it. I also use it in the morning to stretch out my muscles to get my day going.
    3.  Get enough water. Exercising while dehydrated can cause greater damage to muscles and reduce the body’s ability to repair itself. I always have a jug of water near and drink it all day long.
    4. Take a cold bath. If your muscles are very sore, take a nice cold bath. It reduces soreness and inflammation for up to 24 hrs and is better than taking a pill. I also like to soak in some Epsom salt
    5. Don't over do it. Your body needs to rest. I take two days off a week just to give my body time to recover. Some days it is my back, or my knees and other days it may be my hips. I use a shoe horn when I feel like I can't move. Some days my body just doesn't agree with me and it is very helpful when you can't bend. You can get it on Amazon here
    6. Lay off the alcohol. Even a couple of beers or glass of wine can prohibit the body from recovering properly after working out. Save it for your non-workout day.
    7. Get enough sleep. This shouldn't be a problem, when you are working out hard your body is wanting to recover and I sleep hard. It will also make more stronger muscles because they will recover quicker. 

I'm at the point where I can't imagine NOT working out. It helps me battle depression and I am stronger and feeling all around so much better. If you aren't already following an exercise plan I suggest starting small with walking and adding more in. I'm taking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, cardio kickboxing to burn fat, and a boot camp class to build muscle. 


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