March 4

Making Time For Each Other With Children


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Depositphotos_3467467_lBabies need to take priority when they are born, this is something that no one will dispute, as all they want to do is care for their child in any way they can. Having a baby can bring a couple much closer together than they ever were, however there are certain obstacles which need to be overcome before they can progress to this state of a relationship which functions on a higher level. Firstly each half of the couple must understand that the baby comes first, and whatever they organize they must organize around it. If something goes wrong with the activity organised for the baby, then at least one of the couple must go home to look after it, regardless of what they were doing.

With this basic but hard rule in place, a couple can begin to find ways to be together which take the baby into account, but still give them their time together. Organizing a date night for example, is a great way for a couple to still have their time together without forcing it into their day when they'd both rather be doing something else. A date night can be organized alongside another couple's, meaning that each couple will babysit the babies whist the other has their date night, creating a structure for both couples to use to have time together without needing to pay for childcare.

Having time away together is important, but with a baby there is never any time away, at least not for a very long time. When a child is old enough to stay at another person's house for a weekend or a week, then a couple can go away together on a holiday made just for them. This isn't because they can't stand their child, it's to help them reconnect, as the stresses of every day life combined with caring for a child can seriously take their toll on a couple's relationship.

Making time for each other is the most important thing a couple can do, and it begins before they even have their child. Getting into the habit of having a date night will help a couple build up their relationship before they even talk about children. This will help a lot of couples through the times they're struggling to be nice to each other whilst also learning to live with new born baby. It will also make them appreciate each other so much more when they do manage to have a few moments to themselves once every few days or once a week when they have no other time to spare for anything.

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