March 2

Preparing for your Future?


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I consider myself a relatively intelligent person.  I have started two successful businesses, have two college degrees and have been able to start saving money for the future.  However, when I try to navigate the information about investing money on the market today, my head begins to spin.

There is so much to think about to be an effective investor.  From tax codes to the right mix of risk and security, investing my own money just got to be too confusing.

To secure my future I decided to find a good financial adviser, so I can relax and retire with a solid investment strategy.

To get a good understanding of what I was looking for in an adviser, I took some time to identify what is important for my future to be comfortable and secure.

The first thing I did was to make sure I knew what my living expenses might be when I retire.  Estimates are the best I can do but it helps to know the minimum amount I need taking into account inflation.

When I retire, I want to be able to travel.  I have this dream of buying a recreational vehicle and traveling around the North America. Then I want to travel internationally and see all the places I have read about.  To make my dream come true, I need to be sure my income covers not just my living expenses but gives me a disposable cash budget to play with.

Most of all, philanthropy is important to me. In an ideal world, I will be successful enough to start a foundation of my own, so I need a strategist who can help me plan and prepare for long-term philanthropic endeavors.

With my research in hand I was able to find a financial adviser with the strengths and experience to help me reach my goals.  Now I have an investment strategy that I feel confident in and can count on for the future.

The future looks bright when you are prepared.  How are you preparing for your future success?




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  1. Yes, I have investmens for retirement. I do not touch this money at all because in the long run if I use my retirement money for material things that i think I need now, then I will not have any money for retirement. It is hard to leave this money alone, but it is better for my future.

  2. I’m trying to work from home, at least part time, I have a masters degree and don’t use it. Its always great to hear what advise people like me have.

  3. I agree that having an advisor who knows what they’re doing is so important. I could never take care of our investments. I’d worry about them all the time. We’ve found a great financial planner who watches for us! We meet with her about once a year, call or e-mail when we have a question, and she calls us anytime she thinks we need to make a change. It’s great peace of mind!

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