November 9

Thanksgiving Menu Meal Planning- Free Printable!


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I have a surprise for you, I made my readers a Thanksgiving printable to make your turkey day a little less hectic. I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I'm really trying to be very organized with meal planning in general and thought this printable would be a great addition to my holidays this year. I can keep track of the meals, ingredients, and who needs to bring what dish.

This printable has really helped. I filled out everything we were planning on having on our menu in the first column, broken down into categories (main course, appetizers & sides, desserts, and drinks). Then I went through it and assigned everyone coming something to bring. If I don't tell them everyone will bring a dessert (and my waist does NOT need that)!

The ingredients list is in the second column and has been very helpful. I could see exactly what I already had and what I need to buy. ( I also can see what is on sale instead of waiting for the very last minute like I usually do!) 

Grab the Free Thanksgiving Menu Planner Printable here!

A few more things I've been doing over the years to make my Thanksgiving EASY PEASY….

Okay before you have a heart attack, yes I do realize this isn't for everyone but…..

I use disposable plates. <GASP> You know you didn't just read that correctly, right? Yes, yes you did. They are nice looking and now my Mother-in-law now does the same thing. Not having to do all of those dishes makes my day run soooo much more smoothly.

For the dishes I do have….I wash as much as I can as I go but I can't do that with all of them so I have a wash bucket. You can use any box. My house is small and so is my kitchen so we use the wash bucket for whatever doesn't fit in the dishwasher until after dinner. I keep it out of site, usually in my laundry room until everyone leaves. It keeps everything neat and organized. 

Do you have any tips for organizing Thanksgiving? I'd love to hear your tips, leave a comment below.

Don't forget to download your Free Thanksgiving Menu Planner Printable here!


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