February 24

The Most Effective Way To Keep Rats Out Of Your Pantry


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Rats are rodents, and they carry disease. In fact, rats are believed to be responsible for the spread of the black plague which killed as many as 200 million people in the 14th century. They are not attractive and not something you want to see in your home, especially not your pantry. After all, if they’ve got into your food stocks, you’re going to need to throw them away and buy fresh.

If you have a rat issue, then you’re going to need to get the exterminators in to deal with the issue for you. They can also help to advise you on how to keep the rats out of your home.

In fact, your local pest control experts can offer useful advice on keeping all sorts of pests out of your home, from carpenter bees to termites. You can learn more here about what they offer.

Clean First

The first step in the battle to keep rats out of your home is to clean it. Rats are attracted to food and water. Their idea of a meal is significantly smaller than yours a few crumbs is enough to attract them. That means you need to remove everything from your pantry and clean all the surfaces with soapy water.

You should also vacuum the floor thoroughly to ensure all food traces are eliminated. Don’t use chemicals as these won’t affect the rats and they could contaminate your food.

Storage Containers

The next step is to place all your food in containers. Rats are very good at gnawing through virtually any material. However, they need a reason to gnaw. If your food is in sealed containers they won’t know it is there, so won’t have any desire to get into the container.

Putting your food in containers isn’t enough by itself. You also need to wipe them down every time you use them. Plus, you should only ever take food in or out of the container in your kitchen. This will eliminate any chance of food crumbs being in the pantry.

Seal Your Home

Alongside this, check the outside of your home and all the walls of your pantry. You’ll want to eliminate any potential entry points. Rats can get through surprisingly small gaps. Check for gaps and cracks around your doors and windows and seal them immediately. It won’t just keep rats out, it will stop any other pests from getting in.

It’s worth noting that most pantries have air vents to allow air to circulate and keep the food at a low temperature. If you have vents, you should reinforce them with wire. Although rats can get through the wire, it is challenging, and they’ll have to have a good incentive. If you’ve cleaned the pantry properly, there won’t be an incentive.

At the very least, you’ll be able to monitor the wire and see if it becomes damaged, indicating a potential rat issue.

A final tip is to use peppermint oil. Place a few drops on the floor in the pantry. Rats don’t like the smell, a few drops will help to keep them away and make the pantry smell great!


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