November 17

Three Ways to Brighten up Your Home


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wickerfurnitureWhen it’s time to redecorate your space, consider brightening it up to make it more welcoming and visually appealing. Rather than allowing your space to feel dark and dreary, use these tips to make a room seem larger and help people feel at ease in it.

Bring the Light In
One of the best ways to brighten a space is by bringing in plenty of light. Consider going with larger windows when possible to bring in the most natural light. You can also choose exterior doors that are fitted with windows, and use French doors to finish off the interior. You can make the most out of the natural light by using mirrors, glass tiles, and other reflective surfaces in the décor. Add lights to the perimeter of the room to brighten the space while minimizing shadows. In the kitchen, you can put lights under the cabinets to help make the area more welcoming. Traditional and tubular skylights also provide you with an excellent way to bring light into dim spaces.

Limit the Colors
Another option is to limit the colors in your décor. A monochromatic theme focusing on light colors will help make any space feel larger. Paint the ceiling white, use soft colors on the walls, and minimize the accent colors. White wicker furniture from stores like Wicker Paradise will give the space a welcoming look while maintaining the casual feel. It’s important to note that you don’t have to limit yourself to light colors. It I possible to use darker tone and still maintain a spacious feeling if you offset the dark tones with white trim and other soft accents.

Open Doorways and Remove Unnecessary Walls
Another option is to actually enlarge doorways and start eliminating key walls. Even load-bearing walls can be eliminated provide the space is supported with the proper arch and pillars. This allows you to let rooms flow into each other and ensure that your entire home looks great. You’ll also find that you have more flexibility with your furniture placement when you make a few key changes.

You can create a more attractive and welcoming home by making a dark space feel brighter. If you’re ready to invest in a home remodeling project, choose changes that will add light to your home and make it feel brighter. With the right furniture and accents, you can have a beautiful property that will make you proud.


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  1. I love monochromatic themes in my home as well. But, I have to pass on the bright lights, as they hurt my eyes. The picture of the room on display is beautiful!

  2. Great tips! They’re so simple (well, other than the last one… lol) and can have such a huge impact. I look forward to having a house one day that I can work with that last one on. 🙂

  3. These are good ideas. I was wondering about bigger windows, if ppl ever do that, I had googled around but didn’t find what I wanted to know.

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