June 8

Why Update Your Yard?


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Why Update Your Yard?

The back yard has always been an important part of your home; this is true for most of us. The reason why is simple, you want to enjoy the great outdoors, entertain and relax in your own space.

A well designed back yard can expand the size of your home and even increase its value!

There are several good reasons why you should update your yard. But, before we take a look at them it is important that you contact a licensed surveyor and verify that you have no utilities running under your yard. These can affect your plans!


Updating your yard will make it look more attractive which will help to increase the appeal of your home. This means that your home will be worth more and easier to sell; if this is something you are planning on doing.


More importantly is the use you make of your back yard. Times change and if the kids play equipment is no longer used then it’s time to get rid of it and use the space to add a useful feature.

A barbeque is essential in any back yard but you’ll also want a comfortable seating area, perhaps a fire pit, a table and maybe even an outside kitchen.

If you’re a keen sports fan you may wish to add a basketball net or even a tennis court. The point is that your needs and tastes have changed, your back yard should reflect these so that you make the most of the space you have available.


If you are concerned about aging relatives then it may be time to look at building them their own place in your back yard. Of course to convince them that this is a good idea you’ll need to draw up plans that allow them to visualize their new home and have access to a private bit of the yard.

In the process of building and updating the yard you can transform the partially used space into a place where you’ll want to spend all your time.

At the same time you’ll be helping out your relatives.

Modern Touches

Updating your backyard will give you the opportunity to install self watering devices, rain water collectors and even upgrade the lights round the yard.

There are many modern gadgets that can make it easier to look after your yard or make it more comfortable when you’re sat outside. Updating your yard will give you the opportunity to choose the ones that suit your needs and add them to your yard.


Finally updating your back yard will give you the opportunity to review the security features you currently have in place. You can add extra lights, add security cameras, include trip wires or even build an emergency bunker if you wish.

This is a great opportunity to replace worn fences and ensure that you have privacy and safety when in your back yard, allowing you to enjoy it and entertain friends whenever you want.



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