August 5

5 Reasons Why Moms Should Help Their Kids with Their Essays


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At the very beginning of the school year millions of parents all over the world from tiny villages on water in Vietnam to the luxury apartments in New York have the same problem – to help or not to help their kids with their home tasks. Every family solves this problem in its own way.

American researchers monitored 709 children and their parents, dividing the assistance into three categories: direct intervention (when the parent sits side by side, prompts and even solves the tasks for the child), autonomous support — adults help in explaining the tasks and in fulfilling what is not physically forces the child, and giving the child complete freedom in doing homework without supervision and help.

The best results in accordance to these researchers conclusions were got due to autonomous support. 

So, let’s discuss reasons why moms should help their kids with their essays. But before beginning to help, it’s better to visit a good essay writing service and get some professional advice and experience in essay writing. 

Kids Need to Feel Love and Support

Parents don’t put marks while helping kids with homework and this absence of marks creates an environment of security and love, where your child learns new things in support and faith in his success. Thanks to such atmosphere the child develops interest in getting knowledge and skills.

It’s much easier to every person to do what he does well. Note child’s even small success and approve it. And this will  inspire your kid and give him a desire to solve complicated learning tasks.

You Know Better how to ?rganize Work and Beat Procrastination

Try to limit the time for the preparation of lessons in general. Explain on very easy examples the preferences of full dedication on any work in comparison with procrastination. Better not to say but  show and give live examples. Maybe you can cook soup for 30 minutes but if you have a cup of tea, watching through the window for some minutes and couples of time visiting your bathroom all the family will have dinner for half an hour later.  Make an agreement with the child that you will work together for a certain time period. Praise him for doing his work faster than the previous day. You know your kid best of all, so you can regulate the periods of full immersion in work with moments of rest. Limiting of together work time stimulates your child to appreciate your support and help.

You Can Help Your Kid to Boost Creative Thinking

Children, like adults, can be very critical of their efforts and easily give up if they do not get something from the first try. If your child is upset because he cannot make something perfect, show him your sympathy.  Try to find the most suitable way for your child to help him to develop his creativity. For example, ask him to write stories about his school life, friends or last trip, then illustrate them and make a gift book or comics for the people he loves.

Play different games with children. They stimulate the imagination and give rise to new stories. Children appreciate when their parents play together. Because of this, they see that they and their ideas and opinions are important to you. This helps build self-esteem, which in turn contributes to more imagination and attempts to create new.

You Can Help Looking for Sources and Turn It into Game

Every essay needs  investigation. Child has to find material, observe and make analysis. This work is rather dull and demands persistence and time. Your best help is to find the way on how to make it interesting. Try to turn it into some kind of game. For example, propose to organize two detective agencies and the task is  “Whose detective agency will be the first to find the material concerning the essay topic? “. Make a small pleasant prize for the winner 

You Can Become the Smartest Proofreader

Don’t neglect the necessity to check the essay properly in order to avoid bloopers and miss a chance to get a good grade for the work.

The last but not the least. Do homework with the child, but not in his place. You are the only one person in the world who is sincerely interested in your kid, so think and help with love 


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