January 3

5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues


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5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

Every winter I seem to get a little on the depressed time. The shorter days coupled with the added stress of the holidays does me in every year – at least it used to. The past few years I've taken steps to make sure that I'm taking care of myself and making sure that I don't get down. It is easier that you might think, with these easy steps you can beat the winter blues.

5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues


With shorter days I'm not outside like I was during the summertime. I have to make a conscience effort to make sure I'm getting enough sunshine. Our bodies need full-spectrum light from the sun in order to digest our food, get enough sleep, and maintain a tougher immune system. No sun near you? Well you can buy a full-spectrum light bulb from your local store.

Get Moving

Exercise increases your serotonin levels which literally makes you happy. When you exercise outside you are getting the sunshine and fresh air too! I try to get at least an hour of activity in a day.

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It has been proven that listening to upbeat happy music in turn makes you happy. Put on some of your favorite tunes and turn that mood around.

Get Cozy

Take a nap, bundle up by the fire, grab a good book, or whatever you do to relax. Watching your favorite movie or reading gives you time to escape and lets you relax which in turn helps beat those winter blues.


Take Supplements

This is a big one for me. During the winter I make sure I take vitamin D and Magnesium. They’re completely free of artificial colors, preservatives, starch, yeast and gluten. Taking magnesium tablets as a dietary supplement can promote healthy nerve and muscle function including your heart. We take vitamin D during the winter to supplement for sunshine.





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