September 27

Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar @BarbieStyle #PopstarPrincess #BarbieContest


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The DVD – In “Barbie™ The Princess and The Popstar”, Barbie plays princess Tori who dreams of leaving her royal life for the life of her favorite popstar Keira. Simultaneously, Keira is tired of performing and her superstar lifestyle and dreams of becoming a real-life princess. The two find each other and magically trade places. However, not everything is as easy as it seems and the two girls soon learn that it's better to be  yourself and learn to appreciate the lives they had before the transformation. Girls and moms will love the fun music with classic tunes re-written in Barbie style and with eye popping animation, this is sure to become a new Barbie film favorite.

My girls LOVE Barbie and Barbie movies.

They have all of them. We were sooooo excited to be chosen for a Barbie Princess and the Popstar Party!

Tori doll – In the new Barbie DVD, “Barbie™ The Princess and The Popstar”, Barbie takes center stage starring as Tori, a royal princess who dreams of becoming a popstar. Just like in the film, Tori doll trades in her blonde locks and ball gown for rockin' pink hair and a fun performance-worthy outfit. In addition to a cool look that transforms from dress to ‘do, this doll also sings! With a simple touch to her necklace, Tori doll will ‘sing' two songs from the DVD.

Keira doll – In the all-new movie “Barbie™ The Princess and The Popstar”, Tori dreams of singing and dancing like her favorite popstar Keira, while Keira dreams of becoming a princess like Tori. Just like in the film, the Keira doll transforms from popstar to princess. Keira doll trades in her purple hair and performance outfit for sophisticated princess worthy brunette locks and a fancy ball gown. In addition to a cool look that transforms from dress to ‘do, this doll also sings! With a simple touch to her necklace, Keira doll will ‘sing' two songs from the DVD.

We were sent the movie, Keira and Tori dolls, and a Barbie castle. We were also sent little fairy dolls from  the magical kingdom on Maribella

and crowns for all of our guests. We turned this fun party into a birthday party for our girls. The dolls are so much fun! They both transform from princesses to popstars!

I was a little worried about so many little girls sitting and watching a movie but we gave them ring pops and a great movie and they were happy happy girls.

All of the little girls liked the movie and had fun  playing with all of the toys. They were VERY excited the movie came out the

next day so they could get their own. We've watched the movie almost every day since.

They loved their castle too!

Lexi and her friend. With cupcakes to match the princess and popstar theme.

My girls LOVE their dolls and play with them daily.


Do you want to win a set of Keira and Tori dolls? Open to US residents! Enter the form for your chance to win

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“This is a sponsored post from One2One Network. Mattel product and additional incentives were provided to me.  All opinions stated are my own.”


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  1. i love barbies i have been waiting forever to play with someone! my niece just turned four but she doesn’t like to share and my three year old is more like wednesday adams! all the heads go missing!!

  2. Right now dd loves Mermaidia (Sp?). I had a nice collection, the townhouse and car when I was younger! Loved them! My dd seems to be following in my footsteps!

  3. Oh I loved Barbie growing up! So neat its one of the few toys that always stays around! 🙂 I really love the Barbie townhouse! She would have so much fun with that!

  4. We are throwing my daughter a barbie birthday party at the end of the year- with that said, my daughter is a huge fan!

  5. I didn’t have a Barbie when I was growing up, but I have a grand daughter who is getting old enough to play with Barbie and you can bet this grandmother will be getting her one.

  6. My 9-yr old daughter loves Barbie and we just rented the new movie from the library. She is hoping to get her own copy from Santa! Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I just remember playing with them over and over as “Thriller” played in the background! HAHA
    I am old now. So glad to be sharing Barbies with my little one now

  8. I always loved Barbie growing up and I’m glad the kids I babysit do too! My favorite Barbie movie is Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses but I honestly actually like watching all of them! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  9. We love all Barbies, I bought then for my daughter and now they are all passed down to my granddaughter. She has no favorite, she love them all.

  10. They didn’t have Barbie dolls when I was little, but both of my daughters loved playing with them and now my granddaughter loves them, too. Thanks for this contest.

  11. My sister and I used to love playing Barbies when we were young. I don’t remember any particular kind of Barbie but we loved them all.

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