November 15

Don’t spend your life on the sidelines – “Hit Play”


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This post was sponsored by DePuy Synthes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Female runner knee injury and pain.


Tips For Being Active When in Pain

If you know me, you know how active I am. I'm very vigorous with daily life. I hike, take Brazilian jiu-jitsu, cycle, and mountain bike. The only bad thing about being active, is that eventually, it starts taking a toll on your body. I am someone that deals with knee pain, but there are some things I do to help stay active, even while dealing with knee pain.

Drink lots of water

Something I do try and help the pain and keep my body from swelling up even more is drink lots of water. Water is the most natural way to stay hydrated and keep your body as healthy as possible. Plus, with being active, drinking water is just all around good for me.

Don’t sit out

As much as it hurts, don’t sit out. Find things to do that won’t put you in pain, but that will keep you feeling active. For example: when I’m hurting, I walk instead of run. Sitting out on the sidelines is no fun! With my knee hurting, there are times I try to convince myself to not sit out, but I get out there and still do it. Finally, talking to a doctor who could help me was the best thing I could do for my knee pain. I HIT PLAY on my life and it was the best thing I could have ever done. Keep reading to find out what this means!

Take advantage of resources

No one should have to live a long time in pain, which is why The Hit Play initiative has helped me so much. Find a physician in your area who can talk to you about potential solutions for your hip or knee pain. Find out more at You will no longer have to worry about the pain you’re in. Whether it’s knee pain, hip pain, or joint pain, can help you press PLAY in life again.

Now you don’t have to sit out on the sidelines in pain, you can join in! Don’t keep missing out. It’s time to hit play. Talk to a doctor about treatment options today. Visit the “Physician Locator” after the video ends to find one near you.


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