August 20

Easy Dollar Store Candle


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Easy Dollar Store Candle

I have a love for all things natural. I have a lot of wood, stone, and shell all around my home.
So when I was at the dollar store with my girls and saw some river rock I had to figure out something to do with it.
I decided to make an easy dollar store candle. I actually like it so much I'm going to make a few more and line them up on the table.
2013-08-04 14.16.24
I actually have enough river rock and candles to make several of these. I just need to buy more candle holders.
I bought everything at the dollar tree. 
What you need –
Glass candle holder
bag of river rock, glass, or shells
pack of candles
I added the river rock filling up the candle holder, then I dug out a little hole to stick
the candle in.  When you light the candle it will melt down into the rocks and when it is finished
I just stick another one in there.
I have made a variation of these in the past with gel candles. I had a bigger candle holder, added some river rock, then stuck another smaller glass candle holder in and put river rock around it.
I poured the gel candle wax around the river rock and put a tea light candle in the small candle holder. You can make it without the gel too but it was a nice finished touch. I made them with pretty glass as well. I bought all of those supplies as Walmart and used them for Christmas gifts.
This craft is so easy and fast that even the kids can help out.


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