August 9

Freshlook Contact Lenses


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I'm wearing glasses as we speak but I only wear them at the computer when I'm working. I have however worn contact lenses to change my eye color. I have green eyes and I have changed them to blue and to a bright green before.  I loved it! Now that I think about it I don't know why I stopped? I changed my eye color with different outfits. I think I quit when I had kids. They always change things don't they?

If I had to wear my eye glasses all of the time I would definitely wear contacts. My glasses slip and I like to wear sunglasses every time I'm outside since I live in Florida.

If you wear contacts you can buy them online. I buy almost EVERYTHING online. Lenstore sells contact lens discounted. They have low overhead and can pass on their prices cutting out a middleman. You can buy fashionable contacts or prescription. Even some for Halloween which is right around the corner! They have the best brands too! You can get Freshlook contact lenses at a great price!

They have easy ordering and plenty of testimonials. They are in the UK though but I know we have a lot of UK readers too.



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  1. I have worn contact lenses for a long time. I have never tried a lense with color though. I think it would be fun to see myself with different color eyes besides blue or maybe a different shade of blue. My sister did try them and went from brown to blue eyes. I think the change looks great.

  2. I have heard many great things about Freshlook contacts, and have always wanted to try them due to the colors they offer. However, I have an astigmatism, and I’m not sure if they offer the specialized contacts. Would love to try these, though!

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