September 10

Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress Tour & Contest


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Book Description –

He leaned his head close to my ear and whispered, “Are you afraid?”

Chrystine had had more reason than any other time of her life, even when facing one of the rampages of her drunken father. But she wasn't afraid. And that was odd, because although Aaryn, the person asking her that question, was her best friend, he was also a vampire. In fact, she was surrounded by hundreds of vampires.

But they weren't your typical vampires. They were Stregoni Benefici, the good kind. Nor was Chrystine your typical elf. She was the Golden Healer, and she alone could save the Stregoni Benefici from the Dark Enchantress. But can Chrystine figure out the Dark Enchantress' secret and defeat the evil vampires without destroying the good ones as well, without destroying Aaryn? Can Chrystine unravel the dark secret Aaryn keeps so carefully guarded and show him that by choosing to serve good instead of evil, he is still capable of being loved and his past is forgiven?

Christine E. Schulze has been creating books since she was too young to even write them in words. Her collection of YA fantasy books, The Amielian Legacy, is comprised of series and stand-alone books which can all be read separately but which weave together to create an amazing fantasy. Her fanatsies also incorporate many other genres, such as Christian fantasy, romance, and even a spark of horror at times. She hopes to inspire readers throughout the world with these books by publishing in both traditional and electronic formats to make them available to all readers.

Christine has published several stories with Calliope and Kalkion magazines and is an active member of the WEbook online writing community. She has also published several Christian/fantasy books which are available at various online retailers, as well as publishing several eBooks via Writers-Exchange.

Her latest and most exciting venture includes her publications with Old Line Publishing: Bloodmaiden and Tears of a Vampire Prince: the First Krystine. She also anticipates her upcoming publication with Old Line, Lily in the Snow, as well as releasing The Chronicles of the Mira with Writers-Exchange in both paperback and electronic forms.

Christine currently lives in Belleville, Illinois in her first and most thrilling apartment.

Guest Post by Christine E. Schulze

Christian Vampires—say what?

One of the draws to Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress so far has been its uniqueness. Readers have commented about everything from the unique worlds to the unique characters to my unique vampire lore. That last bit is what I would like to take a moment to focus on, because many readers, be they Christian or not, see “Christian vampire” and do a double-take, immediately hooked by this seeming oxymoron.

First, I should begin with why I wrote about vampires at all. Some of you will cheer when I mention this name, others will begin throwing tomatoes and lamps and anything within reach at the computer screen and never read my books ever: I ask all parties not to judge me immediately when I say this:


Yup. So, I had always loved both fantasy and Christian fantasy, both to write and to read, but had never been into vampires. Honestly, I’d never really given them much thought. So when I saw a copy of Twilight in my college bookstore, I was intrigued. Upon reading the blurb and considering the concept of good vampires, I was hooked. I had never heard of the book; I don’t often keep up with the teen crazes, so I picked it up solely out of my own interest. And I really liked it. So much that I was inspired to write my own book. Only, I would take things a step further. My vampires would not just be good, but Christian.

Some say this is a contradiction; after all, original vampires are of the devil. But I have often included Christian morals in my books, whether directly, metaphorically, or allegorically, so this book would be no different. Mostly, I was focusing on the concept of choice. Like in Harry Potter, when Harry is concerned about having traits in common with Voldemort, and Dumbledore tells him that it is his choices, not his abilities, which truly matter.

So, it was that simple. My main character would be a young man who was a Christian before he became a vampire and would remain true to his faith after the change. He has some struggles at the first, which are glimpsed in my companion to Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress called Tears of a Vampire Prince: the First Krystine. However, ultimately, he chooses the side of the light, fighting against the evil vampires of his world. In my mind, this could make nothing but sense. After all, for the most part, these humans didn’t choose to become vampires. So, why would God damn them eternally? He would still give them a choice. They would still be able to choose to cling to their faith and follow what was right. Yes, there would be a temptation for blood, but mortals resist all sorts of temptations on a daily basis.

After this was established, there was only to create my own vampire lore. Just as I already had my own fairies, elves, etc., I also needed my own vampires. I won’t spoil all this part, because it involves a dark enchantress and a spell and revenge and secrets and all sorts of juicy spoilers which would make reading the book pointless. But hopefully now, understanding where I come from, you are still just as intrigued about an adventure with Christian vampires and a golden healer elf and will want to read and unravel the mystery for yourself.

Book Sounds Awesome doesn't it?


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