June 19

Is Ice Cream Healthy for Dogs? 4 Ice Cream Alternatives


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If you think it’s hot for you, then imagine how your dog must feel with a layer of fur around its body. One of the best ways to tame the merciless heat is to enjoy a tasty cold treat every now and then. While we humans have ice cream, dogs need something too. There are many pet parents who give their dogs ice cream. We have all seen those YouTube videos of dogs having ice cream right from cones and cups.

Is Ice Cream Healthy for Dogs?

Ice cream might not be toxic to dogs, these tasty summer treats are not particularly healthy either. Most dogs are lactose intolerant and they thus face a hard time digesting the frosty meal. Gastrointestinal conditions such as diarrhea, gas, and bloating following an ice cream meal is not uncommon. Other more serious threats include chocolate and xylitol toxicity. A lot of ice cream and frozen products have chocolate and artificial sweeteners in them, both of which can be toxic to your pet. There is also the threat of obesity. Like it or not, ice creams are sugary and are filled with empty calories. Over consumption of ice creams can cause your dog to gain weight.

To keep your dog cool this summer keep a stock of a few ingredients that will help you create canine-friendly frozen treats. Much like buying discount pet items and dog food packs for the entire month, stock up on these items in advance.

Unsweetened Frozen Yogurt (Yogurt): Even though it’s a dairy product, yogurt or curd is easily digested by dogs. This is mainly because these treats contain probiotics, which aid in digestion. When you buy frozen yogurt, make sure you get one that’s unsweetened and unflavored. That way you don’t have to worry about any hidden ingredients. To boost its taste, add in apples, bananas, and other pieces of fruit.

Frozen Banana Treats (Banana): Banana is a staple for creating great frozen treats for dogs. While they do contain a lot of fructose, banana is also a healthy source of potassium and essential B vitamins. Frozen ripe banana can be cut up into chunks and given to dogs in hot summer days.

Frozen Apple and Yogurt Cubes (Apples and Berries): Apples and berries are pretty healthy for dogs. Make sure to take out all the seeds before you give your dog a frozen fruity treat. One particular recipe involves blending apples and yogurt together to create a liquid. Once the liquid is frozen it makes for a nice lickable treat for dogs.

Chilled Peanut Butter (Creamy Peanut Butter): A spoonful of chilled peanut butter is no less tasty than a regular ice cream. Just make sure to avoid buying crunchy peanut butter as the pieces of peanuts are a choking hazard for dogs. While it does supply healthy amounts of fat and protein, peanut butter should be given in moderation. Mainly because a tablespoon of peanut butter contains 200 calories.



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