October 24

Leap Frog Leap Pad & Tag Reader #LeapFrogParty

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I was selected as a host for the LeapFrog “Learn, Create, Share” Party which I hosted at my home and we invited a lot of our home school friends to come play. We were given This amazing Leap Pad which my 5 yr old has been playing non-stop. Here favorite game is to feed and bath the puppies.  She earns points for more shampoo and food by completing tasks. My favorite part is the educational videos.  I love how she can grab it at any time and watch them or play a game. My 7 yr old loved it too. She chased me and everyone/thing else with the camera.

We also received the Tag Reading System

I was slightly familiar with but I'm a traditionalist when it came to reading. I sat and read to the girls every day and night. While my oldest picked it up quickly, my youngest couldn't care less. Yes she LOVED when I read to her but she didn't want to. Now that we have the tag reader she sits down every day and plays with it. In the short time we've had it she is spelling and reading words. She writes “notes' to me every day and she is SPELLING!! Amazing. I honestly cannot say enough great things about the Tag reading system!

We received a world map too and I thought it would be perfect to add to our Geography lesson  It's so hands on and fun. I even played with it for awhile.  We went and bought the US map and several more books to my 5 yr old. Her favorite is the Princess interactive book.

Shh don't tell but I'm getting more books for my 5 yr old and a Tag Reader System for my 4 yr old niece for Christmas!


Here are some highlights from the party


I received free products from LeapFrog to Host my LeapFrog party.


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