July 1

Make Your Home the Preferred Entertainment Spot With These 5 Tips


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It's summertime! The sun is shining brighter and staying out longer, pushing our wintertime blues into hibernation. It's the time when we catch up on all the social events we may have passed up during the cold, ugly weather. Cue the cookout, barbecue, and pool party invites. How can we make sure that our homes are go-to spots for fun and hanging out? With the following tips, your friends will be sure to accept every invite you send out.

Make Your Living Room Extra Cozy With Soft, Plush Fabrics

What's better than plopping down on a cushiony but firm sofa, or cuddling up in a super soft blanket while watching the game? Fill your entertainment areas with strategically placed pieces, (like rugs, throws, and pillows) for their ultimate comfort. You might have to lure them out your house, they'll never want to leave.

Maximize Natural Lighting

Image via Flickr by Brentano fabrics

Light fixtures and lamps are great, but nothing beats light rays beaming through your window at mid-day. If your home has lots of windows, pull up the blinds and tie the curtains- let the sun have its solo. Natural lighting has a relaxing effect on us, but also lifts the spirits. Everyone will be in the best mood while at your place.

Keep the Temperature Just Right

Your home's temperature is probably the first thing the first thing your guests will notice when they enter. The air from inside greets your guests before you can even say, “Welcome!” or “Come inside!”. To ensure that the greeting is a refreshing one, be sure to keep a close eye on your HVAC unit and its upkeep. Before sending out that first invite of the season, have your unit serviced. After all, there are no scarier words, on a hot summer day, than “I'm sorry, my air conditioning is broken.”

Add Some Greenery to Your Decor

In addition to having cool air, having fresh air is also a plus in an entertainment space. Leafy plants not only purify the air, but they add a really beautiful, earthy vibe to whatever room they are in. With plants and light, you can transport your guests to another place entirely; be it the islands, with a palm tree, or a garden with common ivy. Let your green thumb get some exercise and your guests' respiratory systems will thank you.


Sometimes, we are so excited about little knickknacks we've found on our travels, or beautiful items we found at Pottery Barn, that we just want to put them all in our living rooms for all to see. But, having a lot of little decorative items can sometimes overwhelm a room and make it feel cramped. Instead of cluttering your entertainment spaces with a bunch of cool items, choose a central decorative piece to be the focal point.

With these simple tips, making your home the preferred recreation spot will be a breeze. Create the most inviting space that both you and your guests will be sure to enjoy.



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