January 8

Snapsac Review and Contest


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I recently received 4 reusable tote bags from SnapSac, a company who has created reusable bags to renew excitement about what a bag could and should be. Their bags are stylish, great quality, and smart. And for about the same price as a latte you could own all of them!
SnapSac sent me a Tote Bundle, including a PetiteTote, SuperTote, and a MegaTote, as well as a GroceryTote.
I was so excited to get these because in all honesty, they looked more like handbags than they did reusable shopping bags.
I popped them open and filled them with items I had just received for my baby shower just to see how much they would hold. I was quite surprised at their durability and the amount of space in them.
The PetiteTote held quite a few books, 4 bottles of lotion and a bottle of baby powder, easily. I could have shoved more in it but thought this would give you a good idea. There were also a few inches left over on top so I could lay items across or even use the snap to close it.
The SuperTote held diapers, wipes, 3 fabric drawers, a blanket, a matress pad, and a mattress sheet…with room on top, again, to lay items across or close it. I love this one, it is the perfect size for just about anything.
The MegaTote is amazing. It is so big! I easily fit a Boppy and two packages of diapers in it. It would make a great beach bag or a weekend bag for a getaway. I absolutely love it. I could probably fit my dog in it. (Not going to try)
The GroceryTote is also quite phenomenal, I just quickly grabbed some items from the pantry that I hate putting in regular plastic grocery bags. I filled it with two large boxes of cereal and some oatmeal and was extremely surprised how much room was left over. These items don’t usually fit well in a plastic bag but they fit perfectly in this bag and there is still room so you could put bread or eggs on top.
Honestly, all of the bags would be great shopping bags for any occasion whether it be the grocery store, farmer’s market, or mall. Some key components of these bags are that they all have a snap closure and they all have a little pocket inside that can also be closed. If you’re using one of the bags as your handbag that day you can rest assured your money and i.d. aren’t just floating around the bottom.
SnapSac will be generously offering a ToteBundle of 3 Totes (a $12.50 value) as a giveaway for one extremely lucky reader! They will also be offering 20% off all of their [already inexpensive] items to Taking Time for Mommy readers!!

Use the code, TIMEFORMOMMY20 at checkout! http://www.snapsac.com

You can never have enough bags so buy some and win some too! Fill out the form below!!

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Ashlen, an Art Graduate living in Spokane, WA, loves all things fashion and style. She has a huge appreciate for home decor and now, with her first baby on the way, all things baby. She enjoys cooking and entertaining and when she isn't writing for Taking Time for Mommy you can find her as an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot. You can find her at www.StellaDot.com/AshlenCotterman


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