October 28

Stepping away from Technology and Story Time


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I joined with Hallmark for their Blog Out campaign, where bloggers shut off their computers for an afternoon or even a day and Hallmark sent us a together time activity to share with our children.

This campaign was so easy for me. I take the weekends away (yes I do schedule posts but I'm rarely on.) and spend it with the family. I also take the evenings to hang out with the girlies and one of our favorite activities is to read together.

Hallmark sent us the neatest toy! They sent us Cooper a

Hallmark Interactive Story Buddy and Story Book  He responds when we read to him. The girls got a good kick out of it! Now I'm on a mission to get more books for him and now they are eyeing the other buddies.

Story time is an opportunity to develop reading skills, but it’s also a time for parents and kids to bond. Consider these new ways to bond and bring story time to life:

  • For young readers, use a Hallmark Interactive Story Buddy and Story Book to encourage clear pronunciation. When a child clearly reads key phrases from the book, the Story Buddy responds!
  • If work keeps you from being home after school or an evening activity causes you to miss bedtime, Hallmark can help. HallmarkRecordable Storybooks allow you to record your voice, and your little ones can read along with you even if you’re far away.  Or, you and your child can record the storybook together. It’s a great to help encourage your little one to practice reading aloud!

Do you take time away from technology to spend with the kiddos? What do you do? One of our favorite activities is to go camping and get away from it all!

Disclaimer – I received a product for my honest review, no other compensation was received.


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