July 12

4 Dangers of DIY Plumbing


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4 Dangers of DIY Plumbing

Many people fancy themselves home improvement aficionados, and it is true that you can find basic instructions for how to complete nearly anything you may need to do around the house. Most of the tasks you might attempt are likely easily completed without help from a professional, but there are some things that you simply should not try to DIY. Plumbing is one of these things. No matter how crazy and hectic it gets around the house, enlisting help from a professional is imperative if you want the problem taken care of once and for all.

The following are four reasons why this is true. Even when fixing a leak seems like an easy task, there are risks that could easily result in regret. When handled by a professional, though, plumbing problems can be handled and resolved without any of the stress or potential danger than often accompanies DIY repairs.

You Might Bust a Pipe

Too often, plumbing DIY-ers make simple mistakes that have complex consequences. You might neglect to turn off the water pressure, or you might overtighten a joint. These and other common mistakes could easily become a major mess, and you could find yourself dealing with a busted pipe or worse. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, this could result in over $5,000 of water damage—and that figure does not account for the additional cost of repairs after the fact. DIY plumbing can quickly turn into a very expensive situation which necessitates professional intervention.

Issue Won’t Be Resolved

In addition to the risk that further damage will occur, there is the possibility that you will simply be unable to resolve the problem. Even if you do not bust a pipe or cause further issues, you might allow the problem to worsen by simply failing to fix it. Over time, this could add expense to the cost of service when you do eventually invest in professional plumbing services. Rather than risk wasted time and money, it is best to simply call in a plumber to get the job done and ensure plumbing in your home is in good condition.

No Access to Proper Tools

When it comes to completing specialized repairs such as those related to plumbing, there are certain tools that you should always use. Few people have these professional plumbing tools on hand, though, and buying them might be just as expensive as hiring a professional to come take care of the problem. When you substitute other home improvement tools, you run the risk of damaging your plumbing and causing an even bigger mess than what already exists. Investing in plumbing services is the best way to ensure that the proper tools are used and the issue is taken care of correctly.


Repairs Will Be Expensive

Most people who attempt DIY plumbing repairs do so in an attempt to save money. What you may not account for, though, is the risk that a DIY attempt will ultimately cost you more in the long run. When you make a problem worse, the cost of repairs will be higher, and it would have been cheaper to simply enlist help from a plumber the first time around. DIY is a great solution for many home improvement projects, but when it comes to plumbing, it is a job best left to the professionals, lest you make an expensive mistake.

Save time and money by skipping DIY. Your home is too valuable to risk the damage and expenses that can accompany a botched plumbing DIY attempt. Let a professional address the problem, use the correct tools and methods and resolve whatever plumbing problem you are currently having.


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  1. So many people think they can handle plumbing, checking out youtube videos, etc. It really isn’t worth the risk, it is good to find a plumber early on you have confidence in that they are fair and competent.

  2. I know what you mean about the dangers of DIY Plumbing. I tried to unblock my kitchen sink for days and used everything I could think of to open the drain, but It would have never helped because the blockage was to far away from wear the plug was for me to get out. Leave plumbing to the plumbers!

  3. There are some things that should be left to those trained to do them. When our shower faucet broke a while back, my husband decided he’d save some money and do the work himself. Not only did he totally mess up the new faucet, but broke several tiles in our shower. He hired a plumber to fix what he messed up, but those tiles were broken and the style was so old that we couldn’t get exact replacements. He put in a couple of plain white tiles, which he didn’t even get in right, so they stuck out and the grouting wasn’t done right. I’m surprised we didn’t get rot behind them. At least a couple of years later we redid our bathroom and put in all new tiles. Again, he should have hired someone, but at least he cut the tiles right and *mostly* put them in right. However, this would have been the time to replace the faucet with one that actually matched the rest of the bathroom.

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