August 3

5 Luxurious Ways to Experience the Best of What Miami Has to Offer


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With sunny beaches and warm climate all year long, Miami attracts travelers from all across the nation. Miami has everything for everyone. It has ultra-posh clubs and high-end restaurants as well as cultural hotspots like the Little Havana region.

No matter what, there is no denying that Miami is a center for glitz, glam, and opulent spending. If you are seeking a quiet beach location where drinks are cheap, Miami is not your destination. There are plenty of tropical beach destinations that fit that bill. While it doesn’t offer shack-brewed beer, Miami does present the winning blend of uber luxury near pristine white sand beaches. When you are in Miami you should thrive to get that exclusive taste of the millionaire’s lifestyle.  Following are 5 amazingly luxurious ways to experience the best that Miami has to offer.

Stay in a 5 Star Hotel: With plenty of beachfront 5-star hotels to choose from, you might get a great deal on a room. Considering Miami is all about the luxury lifestyle, you really don’t want to go back to a budget room after a night of partying. Among the many famous luxury hotels in the area, the Fontainebleau Miami is probably one of the most iconic.

Rent a Lamborghini and Make Your Way to Ocean Drive: Ocean Drive is a place where everyone goes to get seen. The streets are lined with art deco buildings on one side and clear blue ocean on the other. This is where the rich casually drive their million-dollar convertibles soaking in the sun and the view. Fortunately, you can also do the same and you don’t even have to own a supercar. There are many rental car companies in the area that rent out supercars to customers.

Take a Grand Miami Helicopter Tour:  While there is no shortage action in the streets of Miami, you can hire a helicopter and view the city from a different perspective. Just hop onboard one of the many Miami sightseeing helicopters and get the best aerial view of Miami beach, Ocean Drive, Fisher Island, North Beach, and South Beach.  Considering the fact that you can book a single seat, being part of a helicopter tour in Miami is considerably affordable.

Go on a Casino Cruise: If you have money to splurge or just want to be around the rich and famous, then hop onboard one of the many casino cruise ships. A lot of these ships allow free entry or ask for a minimal $10 entry fee.  While from outside these ships look like any other cruise liners, once inside you get the full scope of how luxurious they really are.


Go Shopping Without a Budget: With an endless gallery of boutique and international stores, going shopping in Miami is an unforgettable experience. Allocate a healthy budget for shopping because things here aren’t necessarily cheap. When near South Beach go to Lincoln Road, where all the leading fashion brands have exclusive stores. You can also head over to Little Havana to buy freshly-made Cuban cigars.





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