December 20

7 Food Swaps That Save Calories (Save Calories by Making Some Easy Food Switches at Home and Eating


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There are many simple ways that can allow you to save big in regards to calorie intake. As a matter of fact for the most part it only takes making a few substitutions here and there to save you 100's of calories in the run of a day. The think to keep in mind is that every calorie counts when it comes to losing weight.These substitutions can be made at home and when eating out in many cases:

1. Swap from sugar to sweetener – This one is a perfect example of one way to save 100's of calories and can be used inside the home and on the go. The sugar in your coffee is a big calorie hazard for many people. It should be noted that studies have shown recently that artificial sweeteners can promote the consumption of additional calories and water retention.

2. Choose pita in replacement of bread – Wraps are available in most restaurants and sub shops that serve sandwiches these days. Not only are they lower in calories but great if you are watching your carb intake as well.

3. Drink water instead of soda and juice – Soda and most juices contain massive amounts of sugar. Even diet sodas contain sweetener which promotes water weight retention. If you like to have some flavour in your water a splash of lemon juice gives your water a great refreshing taste.

4. Trade whole milk for skim milk – While it does take a little while to get used to switching from whole to skim milk it is a great way to save calories. The same applies with switching the cream in your coffee to skim milk. Skim contains a good portion of the health benefits but without the additional fat and calories.

5. Replace creamy dressing with a vinaigrette or low fat dressing – By using regular creamy dressing your salad can work out to as many calories, if not more, than a greasy hamburger.

6. Ditch potato chips and pick up some popcorn – Baked unsalted pretzels are also an alternative, however not quite as good of a choice as unbuttered popcorn. Both alternatives however are great foods to munch down on in replacement of regular potato chips.

7. Instead of a chocolate bar consider low fat chocolate pudding – Low fat pudding is delicious and gives you that chocolaty taste you sometimes get a craving for that only chocolate can fix.

Soda is a hard switch for many people to make so you might want to consider switching from sugared soda to diet soda and then from diet to water.

Once you make the final switch to water and have been drinking it for a couple weeks guaranteed you will find the taste of regular sugared soda unbelievably sugary and wonder how you could have ever drank it in the first place.

All of these alternatives are easy and readily available in most restaurants so there is no reason why you can't save on calories even during a night out. Most of these are substitutes that you can make without really missing the “real” thing.

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