December 7

Help Lower Back Pain with the Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device


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This post was developed in partnership with Bayer, as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received the Aleve® Direct Therapy TM TENS Device and compensation to facilitate my review.


If you've been following my blog or social media for a while you probably know that I've been living a healthy lifestyle and as a result have lost twenty pounds. I'm quickly approaching forty and my mother died at thirty-nine so I knew I needed a change because if I didn't do it now, when would I do it?

People keep asking me for my secret but there really isn't one. It is truly diet and exercise. Since April I've started walking in the morning, cutting sugar out of my diet, I go mountain biking, cycling, running on the beach, Zumba, and I've even signed up for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class. Instead of dates out to dinner and a movie my husband and I are going to play racquetball and have a picnic. My entire family has become much more active and we change up what we do so we don't get bored.

I feel great, I have much more energy and stamina. If you would have told me that I would bike twenty-five miles a year ago I would have laughed at you but honestly, it was all baby steps to get where I am today. Some days I feel a little beat up from Jiu-Jitsu or achy from Zumba or sitting too long while writing. Even stretching and scrubbing the tub aggravates achy muscles some days, especially my lower back. To help I've started using Aleve Direct Therapy.


Aleve Direct Therapy uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), which is a therapy that uses electrical therapy to temporarily relieve pain. I've used it before at my chiropractor's office but I had no clue that I could get the same relief over the counter and yes, it really does work.

When you put it on it feels tingly and it comes with a remote so you can decide how intense you want it. It even comes with a remote and it very easy to use. You can use up to 30 minutes at a time and it works by blocking the transmission of pain, and by stimulating endorphins, the body’s natural pain-reducing chemicals.  Thirty minute breaks between treatments are recommended.


Now I can get pain relief at a touch of the button and I don't have to head to my chiropractor to use their TENS machine! My husband is using it a lot as well so we will be getting another one! Note: gel pads are not to be shared. Each person must have their own set of gel pads.

You can find the Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device at major stores in the Analgesics aisle near other topical pain relief products. It is also available at online retailers.

To learn more about Aleve Direct Therapy  TENS Device visit their Website:


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  1. I have been wondering about this product. I have a lot of chronic pain and I am always looking for something that might help. I will be getting this.

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