August 30

Coral Castle Museum Homestead, Florida


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Coral Castle Museum Homestead, Florida

Some of you might know that I also write fiction (and nonfiction too.) Last year I had my angel/ demon book  Caelum come out and I'm working on the second of that series now. The series takes place in St. Augustine, I mean I *am* a Florida girl through and through so all of my books take place here for the most part.

A couple of years ago I finished a book called The Edge of Eden but I put publishing it on hold as we dealt with my husband's cancer. I am releasing it in a month or two, it just needs to go through some rewrites and sent it off to my editors. The story takes place in Homestead, Fl which is down by Miami. A pivotal point of the story is at Coral Castle Museum Homestead, Florida so we took a trip down there to make sure everything was right for the story.

Coral Castle was built by Edward Leedskalnin all by himself and he was a very tiny guy. When asked how he did this he said he knew the secret of the pyramids. The place is pretty amazing and we really enjoyed taking a tour and it really is the perfect setting for my book.

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Everything is made of coral, hence the name Coral Castle, and Ed quarried it all by himself. There are so many beautiful plants!

2016-03-12 13.26.00

During hurricane Andrew, many animals got loose including these rainbow lizards. A colony of them now live at Coral Castle and they are gorgeous! They don't let you get too close too.

We enjoyed our tour through Coral Castle, the guides stop and explain every piece to you as well as tell you all about Ed Leedskalnin. He actually made chairs, tables, and his bed all out of stone. He really did live here day in and day out.2016-03-12 13.20.19

This was a fun museum to visit. You can read more about it on the Coral Castle Museum Homestead, Florida website

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  1. That looks like a great place to go. I would love to take my girls here. I’ve always wanted to go to Florida, so hopefully when I go I can check this place out too.

  2. I have always been fascinated with castles. I have never heard of Coral Castle before. I would love to go see it one day.

  3. Wow this is the first I’ve ever heard of Coral Castle and the story behind it – so cool! I hope you husband is doing better.

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