November 20

Christmas Kindle Fire Authors Day 7


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Be sure to join us Nov 25th ( Black Friday) through December 1st to enter to win a Kindle Fire ($199 Amazon Gift card) and an ebook from EVERY AUTHOR participating!! (& a $5 Amazon GC from me since my book isn’t finished yet!)

Each day I will feature around 5 authors and introduce you to their books. Go ahead and follow them all now, they are entries for the contest!

Loving or Nothing

Helping the hunky, wealthy developer release his inner demons may be the only way this struggling bridal shop owner can let go of her own sad past and free them both to open their hearts to love and a future together.

LOVING OR NOTHING, a sweet and sexy contemporary romance novella. Also includes bonus short romance story, ACCIDENTAL LOVE.

Tami Morrelle is a struggling business owner who’s trying desperately to hold onto the only thing she has left that ties her to her parents…a beachfront home on the coast.

Daniel Ramsey, Tami’s high school crush and the poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks, is back in town and he’s on a mission—to prove his worth now that he’s a wealthy developer.

Too bad Daniel’s plans include an oceanfront development and he needs Tami’s land to make it happen. Will the pair be willing to give up what they think they want in order to find what they really need?

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Chosen is a fantasy adventure – location; Hell, Purgatory, the Demon’s Lair, and Hell is everything it’s cracked up to be.

Sixteen-year-old Dynan Telaerin finds himself on a corpse-strewn hillside, uncertain if he's dead or alive, charged with saving the soul of his ancestor, the most powerful telepath to ever exist. Dynan has telepathic powers of his own, only he doesn’t know how to use them. With monsters and minions trying to eat his soul, the demon’s lair isn’t the place to learn anything – except how to run and how to hide. Will courage alone be enough to face the greatest evil to exist? Will he lose his soul to save everyone else?

The running starts, and doesn't stop to the end of this action packed adventure of a young man coming to terms with his life while he's barely a spirit, through horrors he thought existed only in dreams.

Chosen is the first book of the series, The Guardians of the Word. The next book, Myth, is due out soon.

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Dead is the New Black – A Fashion Avenue Mystery

Laura loves fashion designer, Jeremy St James.

Not just the clothes, but him, and she’d be with him in a heartbeat – except that he’s her boss. And he’s gay.

So when she stumbles upon a dead body in his office, and Jeremy’s arrested for the crime, she sees it as a golden opportunity to turn her life around. If she can just locate a box of logo buttons, keep the cops off her tail, break up a counterfeiting ring, and get the show on the runway by Friday, she might earn his admiration, if not his love.

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Faithful Deceptions

Money dictates the rules of this game and the victim could be anybody— regardless of sex, age, or race.

When high-end antiques dealer, Hailey Devlin, discovers her business partner's boyfriend has bankrupted their company, she sets out to expose the thief. Unknown to Hailey, her target is involved in a brutal trafficking ring where human lives are sold off to the highest bidder and she fits the next customer's order perfectly. She awakens to a world she can't remember. An alluring man claims to be her husband-a man who seems both to want and reject her. Is this amnesia or something much more sinister?

ICE Agent Patrick Roark jumped at the chance to put his training to the test on an elite human trafficking squad of Homeland Security. Undercover as the bodyguard to the ring leader, and key suspect in a murder case, proves more than he bargained for. Masterminding a clever deception, he's determined to keep the next victim safe—even if the high-stakes operation costs him everything-including his heart. Can they survive a killer's wrath? And if they do, will the lies be too damaging for their love to endure?

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Cadman's Gambit

Book 1 of the SHADER series. Dr Ernst Cadman has led a quiet life, but that’s how he’s wanted it all these hundreds of years. With a secret like his, anonymity and caution are the best friends a man can have.

Nothing could tempt him from the safety of his parasitic existence at the heart of the city of Sarum—at least nothing this side of the Abyss. Cadman stakes everything on obtaining the artefact that once destroyed an entire civilization, but in so doing he draws the gaze of a sinister presence from beyond the stars.

Meanwhile, Deacon Shader, veteran of the war against the undead armies of the Liche Lord, has one last fight in him. This time it’s just a tournament, with the prize a sword steeped in myth. Win or lose, Shader intends to defy his Templum master and retire to the Abbey of Pardes. When a horror from the past wrecks Shader’s monastic dream and leads him to plague torn Sarum, he finds an ancient power unleashed that imperils more than he could possibly imagine—a power now in the hands of Dr Cadman. Gods tremble, and worlds will fall unless Shader can conquer his personal demons and accept the fate he’s been prepared for since birth

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