October 20

Guest Post by Author Elizabeth Sharp


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With Halloween around the corner, I thought it might be a good time to talk about my favorite baddies. By now, if you’ve been following along, you have probably noticed everyone mention that the creatures in my book aren’t the usual suspects. Before the series is finished you will meet a vampire based off Sylar from Heroes, a werewolf with a serious chip on his shoulder, even an angel who refused to play the role I picked him for and made up his own instead. But it is my penchant for venturing off the beaten path that really intrigues readers. So today I wanted to talk about the villains that I pit against my heroes, and who inspired them. I won’t tell you who the characters are, so there will be no spoilers, but you should be able to recognize them.
Nancy ~ The Craft
I took a little bit of Carol Brady and spun it together to come up with one psycho witch on a rampage. In fact, during the confrontation in the woods, there is a brief moment where I describe a tiny clip from the movie as I saw it in my head. I was very impressed with the villain I came up with and I feel she was genuinely menacing. All thanks to Nancy.

Sylar ~ Heroes
This one is probably no secret as this example was used in the intro, but what is surprising is he isn’t really evil. He’s a predator and he makes no apologies for that. By his own admission he is a little twisted. But all the girls drooling over Damon Salvatore prove that a bad hero can be as desirable as the broody ones.

Barbas ~ Charmed
The demon of fear the producers whipped out every couple of seasons or so was flamboyant, scary, and more than a little crazy. It was this character I drew on to create the villain who winds up destroying himself, with only a little help from our heroes. And no I don’t feel it’s really a spoiler to let you know that the villain dies in the end. Shocker, I know.

The final villain I’m not going to go into because I want it to be a surprise. Maybe next year when the entire series is out I might share her inspiration, but for now, I want to leave a few surprises. 😉


Elizabeth Sharp is the Author of Natural Selection. Stop by her site for a chance to win the Natural Selection Prize pack.

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