November 5

How to Talk About Money With Your Spouse


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So many marriages end due to money problems. Spouses don't discuss it before they get married and aren't on the same page
during the marriage. There are ways to talk to your spouse without catching them off guard and making them defensive. It's never
too late to talk about money.
How to talk about money with your spouse
Sit down and set goals with your spouse. Work on a budget and be even tempered when you discuss where the money is
currently going. Maybe going out to dinner 4 times a week really is killing your budget, hubby's fast food lunches are eating it away.
Decided on a budget you both can work with.
Talk about education. Whether you will pay for your children's education or if they
will have to deal with it themselves. It's always nice to have that money put away just in case.
Review you retirement plans. You have to have retirement.You can't rely on social security.
Make sure this is taken care of before family vacations and extras like going out to dinner and the movies.
While you are at in discuss family vacations. Don't put it all on the credit card. Save up or don't do it.
Maybe you can't afford to go to a resort in Jamaica this year but if you save up you can next. This year stay a little closer to home.
Taking about money can get frustrating and honestly it makes my blood pressure rise sometimes but if you keep the other person
in the know all of the time and have common goals it becomes a lot easier.
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