May 9

Breast Implants Yay or Nay?


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Ever since I was a teenager I have wanted breast implants. I still want them but my reasons are different now. What are the breast implant prices today ? Believe it or not but they have actually come down a lot. In Florida they are only a little over $2000! I've had friends get them before and they paid much much more that that but I don't think they searched the internet to compare prices. You can find a coupon for everything. It's silly not to look for the best price possible.

I think everyone has different reasons for wanting or not wanting breast implants, for me it was my self esteem earlier in life. We all want what we don't have. Of course at that time I didn't realize I had an amazing body even without big boobs. I'm glad I didn't get them then but want them now. I've always been small breasted and I can actually admit that while I like my breastsĀ  (I'm much for comfortable with myself) I would like a little lift and why wouldn't I for that price? Hubby teases that I should get breast implants to match my butt. He's kidding….. I think.

I just want a little bit extra so I can wear certain dresses and honestly, my husband is right I would be much more proportionate and be able to wear clothes better. I'd definitely like to see myself in a bathing suit!

Do you have breast implants? Have you ever wanted them? Why or why not? Do you think I'm crazy?



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  1. Yes, and I wouldn’t. I did for a medical reason, but they do not feel natural, you can’t sleep on your stomach, you always worry something will happen to them, and they feel heavy.
    I would buy a good bra and be happy and comfortable with yourself.
    It is not worth your health either. Many things can go wrong-bothched and having anything foreign in your body is not good. As you age they pull down, too.

  2. I don’t have breast implants. I’ve never actually wanted them, I’ve been no smaller than a D cup since high school. But I’ve always been jealous of the cute little bras and tops that people with smaller chests could wear without looking like strippers. I’ve actually been teased because of how certain tops look on me and the comments about saggage! (UGH)
    I have never wanted a breast reduction because I do like my breasts. But since my mid twenties I’ve wanted to see about getting a lift. Just to make them a little perkier. (Something they’ve never been) And I’ve been criticized for that.
    I see nothing wrong with you wanting to get a boob job. It’s not like your 17 and your body hasn’t had time to fully develope. You even stated that you like your breasts and your body you would just like a little change. I think body augmentation at a certain point is almost like dying or getting a good hair cut. Do you love your hair? I love mine, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try a new cut or experiment with a new color.
    I know I’m gonna get slack for that last line. but I’m talking about adults getting a little work done. Not teenagers going in for botox and tummy tucks or adults having a new nose every week. There are always people who will take it to an extreme.
    BUT if you are comfortable with your body and you know what you want and the reasons are for yourself not for anyone else, and your not expecting a boob job, tummy tuck, lipo, whatever to change your life. (Because it wont) Then I think that you should go ahead with it. You’re an adult. You are married and your husband doesn’t have any big objections. (which if he did it still wouldn’t be his decision, but since he loves you it should be assumed any objections would be coming from a point of view that should be taken into account, since sometimes its hard to be objective about certain things)
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