December 6

Making Sacrifices for Beauty


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This post was sponsored by Sensodyne® as part of an influencer activation for Influence Central. Sensodyne® compensated me in connection with statements made in this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
Making Sacrifices for Beauty

As women, we are always making sacrifices for beauty! I personally am always doing something to make myself prettier in the name of beauty. Although I don’t do it for anyone but myself, I still spend a lot of time trying to make myself look better. From getting my hair cut to clipping my toe nails, it’s all done in the name of beauty. Even finding the perfect pair of heels to go with that little black dress. Me and heels don't mix, I find them quite painful! There are plenty of things you can do that is beauty without pain.

Beauty is also taking care of yourself. Making sure that you are eating right and exercising that way you are beautiful from the inside out and it is quite painless. You can make easy changes like taking sugar out of your diet and eating more protein.
I've been on an exercise program. Between cycling and jiu-jitsu I've lost over twenty lbs and I'm still losing! Not only am I building muscle but my clothing is now two sizes smaller. It has taken a lot of work but there are things you can do to enhance your beauty that don't take a lot of time.

Another thing I love that is easy and painless when it comes to beauty is finding that perfect lipstick. The one that makes you feel pretty and like you can take on the world.

A great smile can go a long way and my smile is always on my mind. Are my teeth white enough? Am I cleaning them enough? Thankfully, all this worry has come to an end with the help of Sensodyne® True White®. Here’s why you may want to consider Sensodyne® True White® for your beauty routine and it takes no time at all! You brush your teeth anyway.

Sensodyne® True White® is 10x less abrasive than many leading whitening toothpastes*, providing gentle stain removal and active stain protection. I am always worried about my teeth and what toothpaste is doing to them. Now I don’t have to worry about it. Whitening toothpastes can be hard on teeth, but Sensodyne® True White® has solved that problem.  Poll data from the makers of Sensodyne® True White® shows that 87% of women say having a white, shiny smile is important to them and it should be.

This toothpaste not only helps whiten teeth, but it helps make them less sensitive. As we all age, this is something we need in our lives. Now you can have beautiful teeth and sensitivity relief, without the compromise.

I have been using it for a couple of weeks and have experienced  less sensitivity. With twice daily brushing, Sensodyne® True White® provides sensitivity relief and helps whiten your teeth. Now, you can turn to Sensodyne® True White® for a whiter smile and sensitivity relief, without the compromise. You can follow Sensodyne® on Facebook and Twitter !


* Based on Relative Dentin Abrasivity testing against 15 products in the top 80% of the whitening toothpaste market.


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  1. I don’t take very good care of myself. I don’t pamper myself, and I certainly don’t fuss. I am good to my teeth, but I let other things go. I wish I could force time for myself, I just feel like I am running so ragged that I am the first thing to fall off my plate. I am going to do better in 2017.

  2. It’s amazing all the things some go through to look beautiful. There are some definite ones that need to be done like eating right and sleeping good and drinking plenty of water. Some woman go over board though. Taking care of your teeth is important too. I have never used Sensodyne True White. I will have to try it out.

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