February 8

Math Games for First Graders


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I'm so proud, my little one just moved up to first grade. As many of you know we home school so we can move at our own pace.

Her birthday fell late so she would be in her second half of preschool now but instead she's at the beginning of first. We had to go on a search for math games for first graders.  She didn't always learn this well. My oldest is the easiest kid in the world to home school. She will sit and do work sheets all day long. My little one…. not a chance. It took awhile but we realized we had to take a different approach. No worksheets for this one. We had to be very creative. We found that she LOVES math. She loves to count and makes  games out of anything. She will sit and count her Lincoln logs adding and subtracting as she goes. I love to watch home everything works in her little head.

We like interactive math games too instead of worksheets. She learns more and has fun while she's solving problems. Sometimes I don't think she realizes she's learning. She want to get on the computer and play with the interactive math games. Her favorite are pixies.  She even does her chores before her ‘games', I like it because she's really grasping concepts that I think if were taught to her traditionally would be B-O-R-I-N-G!

Her math skills are rapidly getting better and getting her to do her math school work is easy. Reading on the other hand….

Are you pro-games for learning? If you would have asked me 2 years ago I would have laughed hysterically at you but the more I home school I realize I have to approach my girls differently. I've loosened up and my older daughter is playing more games too although she mostly has her nose in a book { wonder where she gets that from }



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