February 6

A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night’s Sleep by Becky Johnson & Rachel Randolph Book Review & Giveaway


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Order-loving, thirty-something Rachel, and her laid-back, messy mother, Becky, are opposites in many ways. But they both believe that women long for a life that nourishes them inside and out. In this book, the mother-daughter duo will help you make that dream a reality by tackling the “Top 10 Stressors” that mess with a woman’s mind, such as:

•Cluttered Surroundings •Exhaustion of parenting
•Time-starved marriages •Feeling like a spiritual slacker
•Crowded Schedules •Negative Body Image
Following a series of trial-and-error experiments, Becky and Rachel share laugh-out-loud stories, fascinating research, and practical tips to design and a nourished life that fits your personality. By learning how to embrace “nourishing compromises,” you’ll never put happiness on hold again. If you are feeling drained, discontent, or discouraged, join a couple of understanding, entertaining companions on the journey from overwhelmed to nourished.
I laughed, I cried, and I cried some more. This book touched me on so many levels. I'm a home schooling mom, I do the books for my husband's business, and I have my own business. This year has been rough one because my husband had cancer and I felt like I had to be strong for everyone. All of that on top of trying to keep everyone education, fed, clean…. you get the picture.
This book was so good for my soul. It reminded me that yes I am important too that I can still be me – more than a wife, mom, and maid. I'm still Mandie… maybe. This book made me go search for her and I found myself. I'm working toward more me time. It is hard for me because I always carry that mommy guilt. I should be doing this with XXXX insert name. I'm letting that go. I still spend plenty of time with everyone but I'm spending time with ME too.
Nourished was amazing because it was broken into little segments and you got different viewpoints. Not everyone is the same. I can't recommend this book enough!
I received a copy for my honest review, no other compensation was received
the authors:
Becky Johnson is the author, coauthor, or collaborator of more than forty books. She’s a natural storyteller who has inspired and entertained audiences for years. Most recently she co-authored We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook alone with a blog by the same name with her daughter, Rachel Randolph. She and her husband, Greg, live in Denver, Colorado. Website/blog: www.laughcrycook.com
Rachel Randolph writes and speaks with humor and honesty about parenting a toddler, young married life, and her mostly plant-based cooking adventures. Rachel is married to Jared, a high school football and baseball coach. They live near Dallas, Texas with their son, Jackson. Nourished is her second book. Website/Blog: www.nourishedmama.com 

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  1. I try hard to balance my diet but sometimes I just don’t have time to prepare a nutritious meal. That’s why I would love to read this book. Even if I don’t win the book I plan to get it anyway. Thank you for the giveaway.

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