January 30

Success Goals for 2019: Make Mindfulness a Habit


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Success Goals for 2019: Make Mindfulness a Habit

Mindfulness may have begun as a spiritual concept, one that only yogis and hippies practiced, but recent studies suggest that maybe business executives, academics, and other traditional professionals may benefit from mindfulness as well. A growing body of research shows that mind and body practices such as mediation and yoga can help reduce feelings of stress and boost pain management capabilities. It can also help enhance learning, tame negative emotions, and squash anxiety, all very plausible reasons for why 18 million American adults practice mediation on a regulation basis. If you have yet to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, below are five reasons to do so in 2019.

Say Goodbye to Negative Thoughts

Have you ever heard the phrase, “negative thoughts breed negative actions”? You may have brushed off the sentiment as nothing more than just that – a sentiment – and continued in your negative-thinking ways. However, studies show that constantly dwelling on negative emotions can result in frustrations, reduced confidence, and diminished motivation. It can also negatively impact your thinking capabilities and cause chronic anxiety. Each of these consequences impact your ability to stay productive. If you want to increase productivity and therefore, increase your chances of obtaining success, take up mindfulness to break that negative thought loop.

Improve Your Focus

Focus is the key to success, but as mentioned above, negative thoughts can interrupt your focus. Then there are those outside distractions. Email, dogs barking, the mail man, children, social media…the list of distractions go on and on. Mindfulness can help you develop an inner voice that will allow you to shut out those distractions and focus 100 percent of your attention on the task at hand. Just remember—if you use mindfulness to drown out your children, make sure someone else is around to care for them.

Boost Mental Capacity

Unfortunately, no matter how educated you are, science shows that brain capacity begins to diminish at a certain age. You can halt or even reverse the diminishment of your brain capacity with mindfulness. Mindfulness requires a concerted effort, an effort that equates to a workout for the brain. By constantly training your brain to focus solely on the task at hand, you can boost your brain health and improve its overall capacity.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

One benefit of mindfulness the professionals at The Way International commonly emphasize is reduced stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can negatively impact both one's physical and mental health. This is because both cause a flood of hormones that quicken the heartbeat, speed up one's breathing, and elevate one's blood pressure. If you live in a constant state of tension or anxiety, your physical health and mental clarity will begin to take a toll. You can reverse the damage with meditation.

Mediation helps you focus on one thing at a time, such as your breathing. Though this seems like a simple concept, it helps you push away all those negative thoughts and creates space for newer and more positive perspectives. If you practice meditation on a regular basis, you may discover that you feel lighter and more at peace with yourself daily rather than just when you're in the act of meditation.

Embrace Your Failures

Failure is a part of success, but unfortunately, far too few ambitious people realize this. However, successful people do realize this, hence the reason for their successes. According to Inc., highly successful entrepreneurs have failed more than a few times. What sets the successful entrepreneurs apart from non-successful entrepreneurs is how they deal with those failures.

Mindfulness mediation helps individuals turn a failure into a positive feeling. Those who meditate realize that while they cannot change the past, other people, or the outcomes of certain endeavors, they can maintain control of their own thoughts, actions, and emotions. This type of thinking allows them to persevere and to find a lifestyle and a business that is ultimately right for them.

If you want to make 2019 your most successful year yet, consider taking up mindfulness. Doing so may make a world of difference in your mindset, your physical health, and your financial health.



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