December 17

The Dream Slayer Book #Excerpt


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The-DreamSlayer-Banner-shadowAs a paladin champion, it is Natalie’s job to deal with the undead with quick judgment or else run the risk of major casualties.

But when evidence surfaces that some demonires don’t want to feed off humans, Natalie is faced with a moral dilemma that goes against her closest ally and the moral code of the position she holds.

With human foes and demonire allies, Natalie Johnson is about to make a decision she might never be able to take back. Meanwhile a deep-seated anger threatens to destroy the principles she holds most dear.

In the tradition of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shadow contains mature themes balanced with humor and quirky situations.

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Reading Order:

The Dream Slayer (perma- free)

Demon Royale

The Uninvited: Novella

Dawning Apocalypse

Frozen Reverie

Sacrifice: Novella

Necromancer's Kiss: Novella


Resolve: Coming Soon
Fury Finale: Coming Soon

Read an EXCERPT –

Tristan grabbed her arm. “Nat, what’s the matter?” he said, but his voice was drowned out by the throttled engine. Suddenly, the car was charging toward them. It swerved up onto the curb with Natalie in its sights.
There was no time to react. She was going to be hit and she braced for impact by squeezing her eyes shut.
Tristan’s yanked on her arm, and they tumbled across the street into a stack of empty cardboard boxes. Natalie crashed right into a brick wall and fought the bile rising in her throat. The world spun in crashing waves as her vision fluxed in and out. Her head throbbed from the impact, but her heart was still unable to comprehend what had happened.
Screeching tires heralded the car leaving scene. She rolled over onto her stomach and saw Tristan lying beside her. Natalie’s eyes followed the car speeding down the street with a stream of smoke coming out of its tailpipe.
“It… didn’t have a license plate,” Tristan said.
Natalie’s chin quivered, and she quelled it by biting her lip. She closed her eyes and rested her head on her arm. If she breathed or moved, Natalie would vomit.
Tristan touched her cheek and rested his forehead against hers. “Are you all right?”
“Yeah.” Her voice shook when she spoke. “Yeah, I’m good.”
“What a lunatic. Didn’t he see you?”
Natalie’s chin quivered. “He saw me.”
Tristan’s head snapped toward her. His eyes were wide, searching hers for an answer.
“He swerved towards me.” Natalie’s voice was low to keep the tears back. She thought if she spoke any louder, there would be an unstoppable rainstorm. “He wanted to hit me.”


jillcooperAbout the Author:

I could write this in the third person. I could tell you what I like, where I was born, and what my favorite things are.

But instead, I'll say I don't want to write like everyone else. I don't want to craft stories you've read a thousand times before. I want my novels to be a cinematic experience, blending themes, genres, and situations unlike any you've ever read.

I want to break the rules. I want you to break out in a cold sweat as you read my books out of fear, love, and excitement. I want my books to be an experience. When you finish, I want you to feel something. Good or bad.

If you do, then I'll have succeeded. If not, I'll keep trying.

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