July 20

What I’ve Been Up To….


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I know I haven't really posted in awhile. I've been CRAZY busy. I'm the co-organizer of Indie BookFest in Orlando Florida and it starts in 11 days!! We have so much to do and I haven't had time to do .. everything. If you are in the area VIP tickets are sold out but we have general admission tickets that include all of the panels, parties, etc.. You can check it out here http://www.indiebookfestcon.com/

Oh and I had a book release too. I didn't mean to release it until July 31 but I needed to order paperbacks and it was late and night…. It was just what we call a soft release. I haven't promote it and I'm probably not going to until I have the second one ready.

Caelum proof

But if you like angels, demons, fae, vampires, wolves, spirit walkers…I have it up on Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Kobo / iTunes / Inktera / Oyster Books  It is intended for adults and has bad language but if you see what Thomas goes through you might understand.

Oh and I'm finishing up my Work at Home Book. That should be out next month along with the second in my Olde City Angels series. I've worked at home for 9 yrs now. I've cut back some since my husband had cancer last year but I still do well AND there are so many things that you can do to make extra money! Everyone is always asking me so I decided to put it in a book.

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I have several recipes to type up and add pictures for so I'll be back very soon. I have to admit it was nice taking a little time off!


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  1. I was just wondering yesterday if it was your book that had you so quiet. lol Yay for having a bunch of good projects going on instead of something sad or bad. 🙂

    Will definitely be grabbing a copy of both of your books as soon as I’m not broke. 😉 An unexpected outbreak of headlice (wow that’s expensive to treat) and vet bill have me counting my pennies right now.
    Rhianna recently posted..Review: Better Made At Home by Esterelle PayanyMy Profile

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