November 20

What You Should Know if You Want to Start a Photography Business


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What You Should Know if You Want to Start a Photography Business

I adamantly believe that being a full-time mommy shouldn’t prevent you from being able to pursue your passions as well as earn extra money. Although you might not be able to spend time in your office, there are now plenty of side-hustles you can do online from the comfort of your home.

You Are Not Just A Photographer

If all it took to become successful was skill, then there would be many more prosperous photographers out there. In an already saturated market, made even more crowded by social media, filters, and self-described “professional photographers,” distinguishing yourself takes a ton of work, skill, luck, and hustle.

You are not just a photographer, you are a business owner, which means you need to wear multiple hats. You are responsible for building the brand, keeping the books, advertising, editing, publishing, writing, web publishing and then finally taking photos. You need to grow as a professional in all of these things if you want to do this thing on your own.

Become a Master

Making money from this endeavor requires a ton of work and practice. It takes thousands of hours to master something, so you should be spending at least a few hours every single day honing your craft, whether that is shooting, editing or learning. Bring your camera equipment with you everywhere! If you go on a trip to Niagra Falls, take a walk, or attend a family event, your camera should be there with you. Dabble with different types of photography, play with your lenses, lighting, and stretch your creativity.

Your Equipment Matters

To start a photography business, you will need to invest some capital in decent equipment. Over time, as your skills improve and your business grows, you will continue adding to this collection of photography gear. To start, you will need:

  • Camera – Make sure to do your research on cameras and have a good idea of what type of photography you want to be using. What is your niche? Will you be shooting in digital or film? Different cameras and models are more suitable for different types of work.
  • Camera Bag or Camera Case – Camera and camera gear is expensive and fragile. When you are lugging it around places, you will need a bag or case that keeps it safe and organized.
  • Computer – If you are working in digital, it is essential that you find the best laptop for photo editing.
  • Lenses – Different lenses produce different looks. You should have at least a few lenses to improve your photo quality.
  • Lighting – Lighting is one of the most essential elements of quality photography. While natural light looks great, it is not as consistent as studio lighting since it changes throughout the day.
  • Tripod – Tripods help steady your shooting and allow you to take multiple pictures in uniform.

Build Your Portfolio

If you want to convince people to use your services, that means you need to compile a portfolio which shows off your work, style, and ability. Take every opportunity to grow this portfolio. This might mean volunteering or working events for free or lower rates. Wedding photography can be very lucrative, but it takes getting your foot in the door. If you have friends trying to do a wedding on a budget, offer your services per gratis.

Build Your Social Media

Today, social media is your best outlet for growing a following and fan base. It costs practically nothing and can turn into its own source of business and ad revenue if you build a large enough following. To build your Instagram page, regularly post photos that show off your skills. If you have the chops—so to speak—then over time, with enough exposure, your followers could scale rapidly.

Travel Often

People love to travel. Travelling gives you an opportunity to see beautiful sites and witness interesting things. Capture everything that catches your interest with your camera. Even if you plan on being a portrait photographer, regularly taking photos helps increase your skills and improve upon your craft.


Building a photography business takes hard work, time and patience. Keep grinding, keep bettering yourself and follow these tips to get the business going.



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