September 14

Why Travelling Is The Best Gift You Can Give To Your Teens


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Why Travelling Is The Best Gift You Can Give To Your Teens


If you are thinking of ways to up your gift giving skills to your teenager, then maybe you should consider offering them a travel experience. Buy them a plane ticket to for an interstate travel or an escapade to the tropical beaches of South East Asia. You might be thinking it’s a waste of money but hear me out. Let me give you a different perspective. It’s not a plain expense but an investment that can benefit them in the future.


A study conducted by Wagner Group, a market research firm, concluded that travelling affects the scholastic performance of students between the ages of 12-18. Such phenomena has a ripple effect in their future. Travelling has a multitude of proven benefits to teenagers. Find out what other benefits your teenager can gain that is a sure game changer in her adulthood


Enhances Their Character and Your Relationship

Travelling is a catalyst for wonderful moments and memorable experience. It is a great way to create a bonding memories that last forever. Bonding moments that enhances the relationship between families. When teenager are in a different place, they become more comfortable in showing the other side of them. In return, you get a general understand of what kind of person your children are likely going to be.



It is more likely to experience a milestone while travelling. Milestones are important indicators that your child. Travelling is a great way to prompt a milestone because it sets them up in an unfamiliar place and urges them to act on their own accord.


They will be cultured

Experiencing different culture, tradition and language encourage the development of empathy and understanding. They will learn how to be patient, be more social and adaptable. Early exposure to such difference will prompt the child to develop a broader sense of life and will make them cultured. It is most likely that by travelling will they realize that the beautiful dress they are wearing will not be meet by same standard of beauty in a different country or culture. This will lead to them being respectful of culture and differences.


They will learn life skills

Putting your children in an unfamiliar place will develop their decision-making process and sense of independence. Being on the road, means a lot of interaction, responsibilities and hassles. Exposing them to those experience those will teach them how daily life works and learn a great deal of street smart tips. Apart from that, letting them take over their own issue will improve their adaptability and self-confidence.


Future Career

Travelling will greatly impact the career choice of your kids. Exposing them to the factors of travelling will enhance their management skills, flexibility, and break the shelter of comfort in your country. Making them a stronger individual in the process.


They are also more inclined to be bilingual or multilingual due to their exposure to different interesting cultures. They will also learn the value of communication and network. Travelling can teach them that distance is not a hindrance to form friendship. As an adult, we fairly know the value of diverse networking.


They will be more grateful and humble

It is through travelling that they will encounter situations that entails poverty, hardship and the overall imbalanced part of the world. They will have a better appreciation for what they have at home and keep them humble.


Travelling is not all the leisurely walk along the sandy beaches sipping coconut or trekking national wildlife park while taking selfies. Travelling enhances an individual in different aspect of life. Invest in your kids futures, let them travel and improve their identity, establish their own beliefs, build their own principle and develop their self-confidence.



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  1. You shared so many positives about traveling that I hadn’t thought about. I agree traveling is a wonderful idea…both overseas and here in the US. It helps teens to realize that the world is a lot bigger and different than where they live.

  2. This is really true. I am in my 30s now and wished my family had traveled more. We did take one trip to Spain, and I learned a lot and have a lot of great memories from that trip.

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